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Soal Ulangan Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA 2016



The Golden Swan
One night, as the poor widow was sleeping restlessly, she heard  her husband’s voice. “I have come back to help you, “ the voice said. The widow sat up and looked around. She knew she was dreaming, and in her dream she went  outside. A large swan spoke to her with  the Chief Hunter’s voice. “ I know how hard it is for you , “ the Swan said  in the Chief Hunter ‘s voice. The Widow was happy to hear  her husband’s voice, yet sad  because she knew that it was a dream.
The words stuck her throat so she could not speak. The Swan stood in the moonlight  and said, “ I wish I could be here with you.” Then it came  closer. She could see  that many of its feathers were made of gold. In the moonlight it seemed  to be a golden swan.  The golden swan said, “ Put  your hand out and take one of my  golden feathers. Use the money for yourself and the children. Go on, I will return whenever  You need  more. Pull a feather out of my wing. The Golden Swan said in the voice of the chief hunter, “Go to sleep now. In the morning  you will know this  was a special dream.” So the widow put the feather beside her bed  and went back to sleep. She slept so well and so deeply  it was as  if her husband were still alive. When she woke up, she remembered the dream and looked for the golden feather. There in its place was money and gold. The woman  was very happy and later she went to the village and bought food and clothing. She was careful not to spend too much.

01. Rendry        : What is the type of the story about “Golden Swan” ?
       Meidra       : It is …………..
A.    a folk tale
B.    a short story
C.    a  novel
D.    a fairy tale
E.    a legend

02.   Rinaya       : What is the story above about ?
       Taniya        : It told about…………….
A.    a widow and her children who were hungry and need some food
B.    a widow and her swan which has some golden eggs
C.    a widow and her  dreams about getting money
D.    a widow and her dream about her husband who became a golden swan
E.    a widow and her ex-husband who want to help her by giving his golden swan

03.  What is the main idea of the second  paragraph?
A.    The widow’s imagination
B.    How the widow helped her husband
C.    The widow’s hope
D.    How the former widow’s husband tried to help his wife
E.    How the golden swan tried to fly with it golden feathers

04.  Go on, I will return whenever….. . (Pr.2 line 4). What the word “I” refers to……………
A.    The chief hunter
B.     the swan
C.    the dream
D.    The widow
E.    the feather

05.  She was careful not to spend too much.  The phrase “not to spend too much”  has the synonym with the word…..
A.    Economical
B.    Economics
C.    Greedy
D.    Economize
E.    have much money
Text 2.
The Fish  that Learned to  Walk
Once there  was an Indian  who had a pet fish  named Tommy, which he kept in a barrel. But  the fish  got pretty big and the Indian  had to change the water  a good deal to keep  him alive.  He was too lazy to do that, and  he thought he would teach  the fish  to live without water. So he did.  He began  by taking Tommy out of the barrel for a few minutes at a time, pretty often, and then he took him out  oftener and  kept him out longer, and after a time  Tommy got  so he could  stay out a good while if he was  in the wet grass.
Then the Indian  found he could leave him  in the wet grass all night, and pretty soon that fish could live in the shade whether  the grass was wet or not.  By that time  he had got pretty tame, too, and  he used to  follow  the Indian around  a good deal, and  when a the Indian  went out  to dig worms for him to eat. Tommy went along  too and  got some for himself. The Indian thought  everything of that fish, and  when Tommy  got so  he didn’t  need  any water at all, but could  go  anywhere—down the  dusty road  and  stay  all day out in the hot  sun—you never saw the Indian without his fish.  Some people wanted to buy  Tommy, but the Indian said he wouldn’t sell  a fish like  that for any  money.  You’d see  him coming to town  with Tommy  following along  the road  behind, just like  a dog, only  of course he traveled  a good deal like a snake, and almost as fast.
Well, it was pretty sad that the way that Indian lost his fish, and it  was unusual too. He started  for town one day  with Tommy  coming along  behind as usual. There was a bridge   in the road  and the Indian  came  to it where he saw  there  was a hole in it, but he went on over it  without  thinking. A little later  he looked  round  for Tommy  and  Tommy wasn’t  there.  He went back  a way and called, but he couldn’t see  anything  of his pet. Then he came  to the bridge  and saw the hole, and he thought right away that maybe  his fish  had got in there. So, he went  to the hole and looked down, and sure enough, there was Tommy, floating on the water, bottom-side up. He’d fallen through  that hole into the river and drowned.
06.  Melissa      :  Who is Tommy ?
       Freddy       :  I think Tommy is…….
A.    The Indian’s name
B.    The Indian’s fish
C.    The Indian’s friend
D.    The Indian’s barrel
E.    all are correct

07.  Pinkan        : What is the main idea of the  second paragraph ?
        Lindri        : It talks about……………..
A.    How the Indian trained the fish to live out of water.
B.    How the Indian trained  the fish to walk out of water
C.    How the Indian trained the fish to dig for worm
D.    How the Indian trained the fish be tamed so he can sell it
E.    The fish can run like snake

08.   ……, and the Indian  came  to it where he saw……(Pr.3 line 3) . The word “it” refers to…
A.    the Indian       
B.    the grass
C.    great deal
D.    the pet fish
E.    the bridge

09.  The following  information are false, except……………
A.    Tommy is the Indian’s friend
B.    Tommy can walk like a human by using legs
C.    The Indian will sell the fish if  someone wants to buy it in highly price
D.    Tommy died caused of hot sun
E.    Tommy  fell down to the river through a hole on the bridge

10.   Devina      : What is the cause of the Tommy’s death?
       Lelina         : He died because he……….
A.    drowned in the hole     
B.    drowned in the water
C.    fallen in the hot road
D.    fallen down to the hole
E.    following the Indian

11. ………..only  of course he traveled  a good deal like a snake (prg 2). The word “he” refers to….
A.    The Indian
B.    Tommy
C.    Snake
D.    Dog
E.    Some people

12. Aminah        : I got headache.
      Andika        : I think it is better if you visit a doctor.
      From the dialogue above we know that the second speaker is …
  1. giving apology
  2. giving  explanation
  3. giving suggestion
  4. asking suggestion
  5. asking apology

13. Budiman      : Who is in charge here.
      The officer  : It is me, Sir. What can I do for you?
      Budiman     : My room is so dirty. I can’t  use it.
      The officer  : We are sorry sir, I’ll send the janitor soon.
      From the dialogue we can conclude that Mr. Budiman is telling his…
  1. complaint
  2. apology
  3. regret
  4. agreement
  5. refusal

14. Sarju           : We have to arrive at Bandung at 5 o’clock. Is there any chance for us to get there on
     Melia           : it’s  four o’clock now. It need 45 minutes to get there. So I think there is …………to get
                          there on time.
A.    a little chance’
B.    no chance
C.    less chance
D.    any chance
E.    a more chance

15. Melia           : Budi, I can’t use my computer. It is broken. Can you fix it
      Budi           : ………………. I am majoring in computer science .
A.    I don’t think so
B.    I have no capability
C.    I am capable
D.    I doesn’t have any capability
E.    I am incapable

16. Melia           : I ………to school before you were born
      Edy                        : you must be strong and healthy, then.
A.    rides my bike
B.    rode my bike
C.    ride my bike
D.    has ridden my bike
E.    had ridden my  bike

17. Budi            : …….Andi ………milk yesterday?
      Nia             : Yes, He did
A.    do, drink
B.    does, drink
C.    do, drinks
D.    does, drinks
E.    did, drink

18. Budi            : Your bag is here.
      Ami                        :What did she say to me?
      Lia              : She said to you …..
A.    my bag is here’
B.    my bag was here
C.    your bag is there
D.    your bag was there
E.    your bag was here

19. Budi            : Where did  Andi go?
      Linda          : What did he say?
      Ami                        : He asked ….
A.    where did Andi go
B.    where Andi did go
C.    where Andi had gone
D.    where Andi was gone
E.    where Andi goes

20. Budi            : Don’t drink my coffee
      Sari                        : What did he say?
       Arina          : He order you…
A.    don’t drink my coffee
B.    not to drink your coffee
C.    not to drink my coffee
D.    not to drink his coffee
E.    not to drink her coffee

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