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Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs 2016

Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs 2016 - Tidak terasa baru saja kalian memasuki kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs sekarang sudah mulai akan menghadapi mid semester aja nih. Saya yakin kalian sudah mempersapkan diri dong ya. Mana mungkin kan kalian ingin mendapat nilai anjlok. Bobot nilai mid semester Bahasa Inggris juga merupakan salah satu mata pelajaran yang cukup banyak bobotnya dibandingkan mata pelajaran lain. Jadi kalian harus serius dalam belajar Bahasa Inggris.

Pada kesempatan ini saya akan membantu teman-teman kelas VIII (8) untuk bersiap-siap menghadapi ulangan mid semester. dengan memberikan Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs 2016 dengan harapan semoga nilai Bahasa Inggris kalian bisa meningkat. Amin. Berikut soal ulangan mid semester Bahasa Inggris kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs :

To        : Roby
From    : Deny
Date     : December 12th, 2011

Mr. Zul of Angkasa Jaya Ltd. Called. He asked you to attend to Angkasa Jaya Ltd. office for a job interview tomorrow at 9 a.m. on the 2 nd floor, room 3.

1. What is the above message about?
A. Asking Mr. Zul to meet Deny
B. Inviting Roby to meet Mr. Zul
C. Telling Roby that he is asked to come to a job interview
D. Informing Mr. Zul that there is a job interview in Angkasa Jaya

2. The interview will be conducted . . . .
A. in the morning                                      C. the next day
B. in the evening                                                   D. next week

3.He asked you to attend to Angkasa Jaya Ltd”. The closest meaning of the underlined word is . . . .
A. leave                                                                 C. seek
B. come                                                                 D. find

Last Sunday Jenny went to see a circus with Eddy and Willy to spend their school holiday.
First, they saw the seals’ performance. The seals balanced themselves on tires and rolled round a ring. A seal balanced on a stool with an umbrella on its nose. After that, the trainer fed the fish. The next item was knife-throwing act. Jenny was afraid to watch it, so she covered her eyes with her hand.
Not long after, it was the lion’s act. It was the most exciting performance. The lion jumped through the burning hoops. Everyone held their breath when the lion trainer put his head into the lion’s mouth.
Finally, it was the clown’s act. Jenny and her brother liked the clown’s act best. They looked funny with their painted faces and baggy costumes. One of them swung a pail at Jenny. She screamed! Scraps of paper flew out of the pail and audience laughed. At the end of the show, everyone clapped loudly.

4.     What does the text talk about?
A. Jenny’s experience when she saw the seals’ performance.   
B. Eddy’s experience when he saw the lion’s action.
C. Jenny and her brother’s experience when they saw the circus.        
D. Jenny and her friends’ experiences when they saw the circus.
5.     What was the last performance that Jenny saw?
A. The seals’ performance.                                 C. The knife-throwing act.
B. The clown’s act.                                             D. The lion’s act.
6.     What did one of the clowns do to Jenny?
A. He swung a pail of paper scrap.                     C. He painted her faces.
B. He clapped his hands.                                    D. He laughed at her.

7.     “Jenny was afraid to watch it, ....” (Paragraph 2). What does the bold typed word refer to?
A. Seals’ performance.                           C. Knife-throwing act.
B. Lion’s act.                                                      D. Fish act.

8. “Jenny was afraid to watch it,....” (Paragraph 2).
The word “afraid” is antonymous with....
A.  fearful                                                            C. excited
B. scared                                                 D. brave

Flight schedule
Garuda Indonesia
GA 140
Jakarta  -   Medan
Garuda Indonesia
GA 180
Jakarta  -   Medan
Garuda Indonesia
GA 142
Jakarta  -  Medan
Garuda Indonesia
GA 186
Jakarta  -   Medan

9.Which flight number is the erliest one from Jakarta to Medan ?
A.  GA 186
B.  GA 180
C.  GA 140
D.  GA 142
10.The trip from Jakarta to Medan took .....
A.  Half an hour
B.  One hour
C.  One and half hour
D.  Two hours


11.What did the wolf ask when he saw the goat grazing at the edge of a high cliff?
A.    To be his friend. 
B.     To graze on the level ground. 
C.     To climb up higher. 
D.    To be his dinner. 

12.“Aren’t you could up there in the wind?”
The word ‘there’ refers to …
A.    a high cliff
B.     sheltered area
C.     grass
D.    ground

13.“Come down here and graze on this fine grass beside me on safe, …”
A.    the wolf
B.     the goat
C.     the writer
D.    the reader

14.What can we learn from the story above?
A.    Don’t look down other creatures. 
B.     Don’t easily believe in well behaved creatures. 
C.     Don’t judge others by their appearance. 
D.    Don’t easily beat other creatures.

15.From the story we know …
A.    the goat was very hungry
B.    the wolf was a helpful animal 
C.    the wolf was eager to eat the goat
D.    the goat was going to fight with the wolf

16. There is …..big garden in front of my school.
       A. an                                C. the
       B. a                                   D. and

17. Rika           :  Can you help me to get some food?
      Santi          : Yes ,of course.
      The italicized sentence is an expression of……
A.    request                         C. agreement
B.     permission                   D. invitation

18.Rani            : What’s your opinion of disasters, that keep happening in our country?
     Nisa            :  .…..
A.    well, I must say that I feel so sad.
B.     This make us more comfortable.
C.     I think we must thanks to the God for it.
D.    I think I have a headache.

19. Lia is 15 years old. Ami is 16 years old. It means Lia is…..than Ami.
     A. taller
     B. shorter
     C. older
     D. younger

20. Mr.Maddoq           : Excuse me, do you know where SMPN 2 Selong is?
Hafiz                     : Yes, just go straight this road,until you find the big mousque. SMP 2 Selong is near the mousque.
The sentence with the bold type is the expression of……
A.    Giving information
B.     Asking information
C.     Asking for help
D.    Giving help

Read this text  to answer questions number 21 to 24.

Dear Mea,
Hello, friend. How’s life ? Thank you for your letter and photograph. You told me great experiences while joining an extracurriculer club.And you look really smart in the Girl Scout uniform.
Let me tell you about my extracurriculer club. Iam very proud to be a member of the police Cadet Corps. We usually hold parades on Saturday afternoon.Marching under blazing sun is hard work. Although we sweat a lot, we still enjoy it because it helps us to become tough and disciplined. After that , we have lectures on a variety of subjects. Sometimes we also have shooting practice. And during the school holidays, we usually attend a training camp.
I guess, I have told enough about my extracurriculer club. Wish you all the best.


21.What is the letter about ?
A.  Winda’s extracurriculer club
B.  Mea’s extracurriculer club
C.  Winda’s activity at school
D.  Winda’s training campside

22.As a member of the Police Codet Corps, Winda does the following, except .....
A.  Has lectures on various subject
B.  Attends a training camp
C.  Holds parades
D.  Has the first aid practice

23.“You look really smart in your Girl Scout Uniform”
The word “ smart “ in the sentence means ......
A.  Proud
B.  Clever
C.  Happy
D.  Pretty
24.“ We usually hold parades on Saturday afternoon “
The word “ We “ in the sentence refers to .......
A.  Mea and Winda
B.  Mea’s friends
C.  The member of the Police Codet Corps
D.  The girl scouts
25. Arrange the following sentences.
1.      Thanks.
2.      To Ali,
3.      Your sister : Gina.
4.      Pick me up after  course at 05.00 p.m

A.    2-3-1-4                                                                       C. 2-1-4-3
B.     2-4-1-3                                                                       D. 2-1-3-4


Text for number 94- 96
It was a public holiday. We did not have anything to do, so father suggested ...(94) us to Safari Park in Cisarua. All of us got very ...(95). Mother quickly prepared some drinks and snacks for the trip. My brothers and I ...(96) got dressed and brought a camera. Within one hour, we were all ready and settled ourselves in the car.
26. A.  bringing                                               C. telling
      B.  getting                                                 D. keeping

27. A.  excited                                                            C. dissapointed
      B.  annoyed                                              D. upset

28. A.  lazily                                                                C. slowly
      B.  hurriedly                                                          D. diligently

 29. Arrange the following sentences to make a good paragraph.
1. Sometimes I must buy new stamps.
2. My hobby is collecting stamps and I like it very much.
3. I put my stamps collection in a stamp album.
4. A hobby is something we do for pleasure in our spare time.

   A. 4–2–1–3                                  
   B. 4–2–3–1
   C. 2–4–1–3                                  
   D. 2–4–3–1

30. Arrange the sentences into a good paragraph!
1. It covers an area of 8000 square kilometers
2. It is situated in North Sumatera
3. The Leuser national park is the largest park in South East Asia
4.  It is a part of Bukit Barisan range of mountains

A. 4 – 3 – 1 – 2                                                    C. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3
B. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4                                                    D. 1 – 4 – 2 – 3


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