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Kumpulan Contoh Procedure Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

Kumpulan Contoh Procedure Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015
Kumpulan Contoh Procedure Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015 - Bagi teman-teman yang memilki tugas dari sekolah untuk mencari contoh recount text maka Anda sangat beruntung berada di blog ini. Karena di sini saya akan memberikan Kumpulan Contoh Procedure Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015 yang semoga bisa membantu teman-teman dalam mengerjakan tugasnya. Okey langsung saja ini dia Kumpulan Contoh Procedure Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015 :

Contoh 1 :
In most cases, you can transplant a tree succesfully, at any time, if you follow the instruction for planting a tree. The most impotant thing is to dig out enough roots, but this process is difficult with a large tree.
When you dig out a tree, take a ball of earth measuring about a foot wide for every inc of diameter of the tree trunk. You should dig deep enough to avoid cutting off too many taproots.
It is wise to call in a professional tree expert to transplant a tree.
Contoh 2 :

Pempek Palembang
Main Ingredients:
§  250 gr cod or any white meat fish
§  125 gr tapioca or corn flour
§  2 tbsp light soya sauce
§  Salt and pepper
§  1 tbsp oil (to prevent the dough sticky)
§     For type Kapal selam, you need 3 hard boiled eggs slice half

Soup Ingredients:
§   5 chillies
§  100 gr palm sugar
§  2 tbsp sugar
§  Salt and pepper
§  2 tbsp light soya sauce
§  2 tbsp ebi (dried prawn)
§  Handful diced cucumber
§  4 tbsp rice vinegar
§  1 tsp tamarind
§  250 ml water
Soup Method
Boil all soup ingredients into sauce pan

1. Blend all the ingredients into food processor until the smooth like a dough, you could put splash of water if you need it.
2. Put enough fish cake into your hand and put half boiled egg in the middle and over it with the dough and put into boiled water until floating.
3. Drain all the water, deep fry it and add some of the soup.
Contoh 3 :
The Basic Operation Digital Camera
        You need :
  1. a digital camera
  2. an object (a friend/classmate or something interesting, you can find around the classroom or school yard)

Follow the steps below to take picture :
1.       Hold up the camera and centre the object in the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
2.       More closer or use the zoom control  for the result you want
3.       When you are ready to take the picture, hold the shutter half way. It is very important, so the camera sets the focus, shutter speed, and various other calculations.
4.       A light should appear that let you know the camera is set to go
5.       Press shutter all the way down. It may be necessary to turn off the LCD and used the view finder when there is more extreme sunlight to conserve battery. Glare from the LCD does not work well with more bright light.

BACA JUGA  : Kumpulan Contoh Descriptive Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

Contoh 4 :
The Hole Game
Two players
One marble per person
A hole in the ground
A line (distance) to start from

First you must dub (click marbles together).
Then you must check that the marbles are in good condition and are nearly worth the same value. Next you must dig a hole in the ground and draw a line a fair distance away from the hole. The first player carefully throw his or her marble closer to the hole. Then the second player tries to throw his or her marble closer to the hole than his or her opponent.
The player whose marble is closest to the hole tries to flick his or her marble into the whole. If successful, this player tries to flick his or her opponent’s marble into the hole. The person flicking the last marbles into the hole wins and gets to keep both marbles.

Contoh 5 :
Nowadays we need a hand phone to connect our friends, family and relatives. We can get it easily in the shop. When we buy it we shall get a hand phone, a SIM card, a battery, and a charger. These are the ways to activate the hand phone: First, open the cover of the hand phone. Secondly, insert the SIM card after being installed.
Third, insert the battery inside. Fourth, close the battery with a cover of the hand phone. Fifth, connect the lead from the charger to the bottom of  the hand phone. Sixth, connect the charger to an AC wall outlet. Charging  the battery supplied with the phone may take four up to six hours. Seventh, when the battery is fully charged, the bar stop scrolling.  disconnect the charger from the AC outlet and the phone. Then, we are ready to make a phone call.

Contoh 6 :
Germinating Petunia Seeds
Aim (goal)
Follow these instruction to germinate Petunia Seeds

Materials and
You will need:
-          a pack of petunia seeds                            -  water
-          a seed tray or small pole                          -  fertilizer
-          loamy friable soil or potting mix
1.        Fill seed tray with soil
2.        Incorporate fertilizer into soil
3.        Scatter seeds on the surface of the soil
4.        Cover seeds with a 3 mm layer of soil. Press firmly
5.        Spray water to moisten the seed bed
6.        Place seed tray in warm, sunny position ( at least 25 deg C)
7.        Keep soil moist by watering gently while are germinating.
  Seeds will germinate in approximately 10 – 14 days

Contoh 7 :

Always take off your jewellery before doing housework. Detergents and cleaning powders can make it dull.
¨  Put jewellery on last when dressing. Perfumes and hairsprays can tarnish it.
¨  Don't swim when wearing any gold - you might lose it. Also, chlorine and saltwater can have a bad effect.
¨  Clean it regularly. Soak in warm soapy water and gently brush with a toothbrush. Rinse in clean water and dry with a soft, clean cloth.
¨  To prevent scratching, keep gold separately in a jewel box.

BACA JUGA  : Kumpulan Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

Contoh 8 :
Exercise Is The Fountain of Youth

How do you exercise safely? De Vries has six tips for older adults:
1.        See your doctor. A medical check-up is extremely important before beginning or increasing the intensity of an exercise program.
2.        Take it slow. Start at a low, comfortable level, increase exertion very gradually.
3.        Know your limit. If you are excessively fatigued, have sleeping problems or persistent soreness, you’re probably trying to do too much.
4.        Exercise regularly. It takes many weeks, event months, to reach peach conditioning, but your fitness level can be lost in a week or two of inactivity. Try to maintain an exercise schedule of at least three workouts a week. But stop if you become ill, even if it is only a cold.
5.        Warm-up first. The older you are the more important it is to prepare the body for exercise. A proper warm up (stretching and slow walking) of about ten minutes protects the heart, muscles, and joints from injury.
6.        Cool down afterward. Never stop vigorous exercise abruptly. Walk for at least two minutes after walkjog and waiting at least five minutes after vigorous workout, take a warm rather than hot shower.

Contoh 9 :
There’s more to pedestrian safety than looking both ways. These guidelines follow the recommendations of the National Highway. Traffic Safety Administration chooses a corner where cars tend to slow down the most. When crossing the street, look to your left and to your right and to your left again. Before crossing the street, continue looking to the side as you proceed. Once you have determined that you can cross the street safely, obey crossing signals. Do not start to cross until the walk sign appears but if you have already started to cross the street, get to the other side as quickly as possible. Remain alert to drivers’ lights, engine noises and other indications of on coming cars both before and as you cross the street.

Semoga Bermanfaat :)

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