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Kumpulan Contoh Discussion Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

Kumpulan Contoh Discussion Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

Kumpulan Contoh Discussion Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015 - Bagi teman-teman yang memilki tugas dari sekolah untuk mencari contoh recount text maka Anda sangat beruntung berada di blog ini. Karena di sini saya akan memberikan Kumpulan Contoh Discussion Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015 yang semoga bisa membantu teman-teman dalam mengerjakan tugasnya. Okey langsung saja ini dia Kumpulan Contoh Discussion Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

BACA JUGA  :Kumpulan Contoh News Item Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2015

 Contoh 1 :

Two students were discussing the school’s new rule that all students must wear a cap and a tie. One of them showed her annoyance. She said that wearing a cap and a tie was only suitable for a flag rising ceremony. So, she was against the rule.
Contrary to the girl’s opinion, the other students was glad with it. The boy said that he didn’t mind with the new rule because wearing a cap and a tie will make the students look great and like real educated persons. The first student gave the reasons that they would feel uncomfortable and hot. Moreover, the classrooms were not air conditioned. The second said it wasn’t a big problem. He was sure that the students would wear them proudly. They would surely be used to it any way.

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 Contoh 2 :

Death penalty for serious criminals has been discussed by our experts. Those who agree say that death penalty will scare the criminals off. However, those who disagree say that it is inhuman, not effective and we cannot correct the wrong sentence after the criminals die.
In Switzerland, this penalty does not exist. Most people argue that the possibilty of making the wrong decision is always there although it is true that spending life behind the bars is not easy either. Also, every person should have a chance for rehabilitation. In this way he or she can start all over again in another life style.
Those who agree argue that there is no use to feed the terrorists in prison with their money. When they get out, they will create a lot of trouble by blackmailing and killing people. So, who says that jails will stop them from being bad guys?
My own opinion is divided. On the one hand, I want to be humane, and on the other hand, I wonder if those people are worthy of my feeling.

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Contoh 3 :

The government has decided to submit the draft of the bill against pornography and pornographic acts. The bill states that anyone engaging in pornography is punishable by law. This includes public acts such as spouses kissing and people sunbathing in bikini or swimwear. As consequence, the bill causes controversy.
On one hand the government argues that the bill causes controversy women’s rights. Women so far been the object of exploitation in mass media and this only gives more benefits to the owner of the business.
Woman activists, on the other hand, argue that the bill will limit women’s freedom. They believe the bill will dictate what women should wear and on how to dress and behave. If they fail following the rule they will get penalties between Rp 50 million and Rp 1 billion.
Nevertheless, I do support the bill against pornography and pornographic acts. I believe that the bill can decrease the rampant pornography shown or written in mass media that gives bad effects on young generation.
Contoh 4 :

There has been a great deal of discussion on the problem of abortion in this country. The discussion includes: “Is abortion legal or illegal? Is abortion morally justified or not?”
On one hand, abortion is one of the methods of birth control. When a country faces the problems of population explosion, the government should find method to solve it. But since no method of contraception is one hundred percent effective and successful, abortion became the only way out when prevention fails.
On the other, abortion may cause many negative effects for women’s health. Women risk their health and lives in bearing the operation and its consequences. The most common complications are inflammation, interruption of menstrual patterns, infertility, endometriosis, myoma of the uterus and many other kinds of ovary illness.
So far, abortions have become a dilemma for countries with a large number of citizens. On one hand, it can control the birth rate, but on the other hand, it brings terrible consequences, especially for women’s health.

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 Contoh 5 :

There are several positive and negative impacts of the Internet on education. One of the positive impacts of the Internet to education is when you are curious about something. You find out any information to feed your “learning hunger” immediately from the internet. If you are curious about the ants in your backyard, or if you want to know more about dinosaurs or any other prehistoric animals, there is abundant of information at your fingertips and it can improve your knowledge.
         On the other hand, some would argue that the internet degrades the quality of research throwing people into areas where the answers they find are low-quality guesses, at best.  Since the internet allows anyone to publish, finding high quality information is sometimes difficult. The internet also can be a huge distraction, like many other things that distract from serious inquiry.

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 Contoh 6 :

Muslim’s Headscarf

The right to freedom of religion is enshrined in the UN charter and considered by many to be a basic human right. Some religions require special diet, others prayer at specific times. Why should a religious mode of dress receive as much protection as these other aspects of religious freedom?
Many Muslim women view the veil as a means to protect their modesty and privacy. Just as we would not force any women to be seen in public in her underwear if she did not feel comfortable doing so, why should a woman be forced to show her hair if she does not want to? Modesty is a personal judgement, some are comfortable in the smallest bikini while others prefer a lot more clothing. No one but the woman herself should make that decision.
Muslim women are not the only ones to feel coerced over their mode of dress. Most people are affected by the societal norms surrounding them. Fashion trends could be seen in exactly the same light as religious traditions.
Banning head coverings is only likely to provoke a more extreme reaction among highly religious communities. Framing laws to ban only Islamic forms of dress could be considered an attack on one religion. Feeling under attack could cause the Islamic community to close off into itself. They could set up religious schools where their children can dress as they want them to and not mix with children from other faiths. These effects could never be good for the integration of society and would further the influence of extremists. Internationally, the perceived attack on Islamic values would inflame wider Muslim opinion, feed conspiracy theories and add to the dangerous feeling that there is a clash of civilisations.
Intolerant schools make up problems as an excuse for not allowing Muslims freedom of religious expression. In a multicultural society, students should be aware of the different religious practise and cultural traditions of their classmates, and be taught to understand and respect these.  

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