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Pengertian Recount Text Bahasa Inggris dan Contoh Recount Text Bahasa Inggris

Pengertian Recount Text Bahasa Inggris dan Contoh Recount Text Bahasa Inggris - Teman-teman tentu punya pengalaman masa lalu kan ? Hehe. Entah itu manis, pahit, asam, ataupun kecut. Maaf bukannya ingin mengungkit-ungkit pengalaman pahit kalian. Wkwkwk. Tetapi dalam bahasa Inggris ada looh materi tentang menceritakan pengalaman. Ya, dalam bahasa Inggris teks ini disebut “Recount Text”. Bagi kalian yang memiliki pengalaman pahit, patah hati beruntunglah kalian. Kalian tidak harus membuat cerita yang aneh-aneh dan lelah menghayalkan jalan ceritanya nanti. Kalian tinggal mengingat aja pengalaman patah hati kalian. Hehehe. Pada kesempatan kali ini, selain memberikan apa itu pengertian recount text, ciri-ciri recount text, generic struktur, saya juga akan memberikan contoh recount text bahasa Inggris kepada teman-teman. Dengan adanya Contoh recount text ini tentunya akan membuat kita lebih mudah membuat recount text. Contoh recount text yang saya berikan kepada teman-teman juga tidak sulit, artinya pilihan katanya mudah dimengerti. Hehehe. Semoga Pengertian Recount Text dan Contoh Recount Text ini bisa bermanfaat kepada teman-teman, bisa menambah pemahaman teman-teman tentang pengetian recount text dan contoh recount text bahasa Inggris,.

Jadi sekali lagi pengertian recount text itu adalah jenis teks bahasa Inggris yang menceritakan kembali pengalaman yang pernah kita lalui apapun itu. Entah senang, bahagia,sedih, pahit,putus cinta, dan lain-lain. Tujuannya adalah untuk menghibur para pembaca. Tetapi ada sedikit kemiripan antara recount text dengan narrative text. Teman-teman udah tau belum bedanya recount text dan narrative text ? ya jadi bedanya adalah kalau recount text itu adalah menceritakan kembali kejadian yang pernah kita alami atau orang lain pernah alami secara real dalam kehidupan. Sedangkan Narrative text juga memang sama-sama menceritakan kejadian masa lampau. Tetapi yang diceritakan seperti : dongeng, cerita rakyat, atau fable. Jadi saya rasa sudah mengerti bukan ? Pengertian recount text bahasa Inggris ?. Oke jika kalian sudah mengeti Pengertian Recount text bahasa Inggris. Selanjutnya saya akan menjelaskan apa aja sih struktur dari Recount text bahasa Inggris itu ? apa aja sih komponen-komponen yang membangun recount text ?

Generic Structure Recount Text Bahasa Inggris :

 a.  Orientation : Orientation dalam recount text bahasa inggris berisi tentang pendahuluan tentang peristiwa yang terjadi. Jadi di sini teman-teman memberikan gambaran umum recount text teman-teman seperti siapa aja tokoh yang terlibat dalam peristiwa, di mana peristiwa itu terjadi, kapan waktu peristiwa itu terjadi.
b.    Events : Events dalam recount text bahasa Inggris berisi peristiwa-peristiwa atau kejadian-kejadian apa saja yang terjadi dalam cerita recount text teman-teman. Di bagian events ini biasanya ada berbagai peristiwa yang saling terhubung satu sama lain. Misalnya teman-teman membuat cerita tentang kebakaran Kampung Melati. Berate di bagian events ini teman-teman bisa menceritakan kejadian awal sebelum terjadinya kebakaran pada peristiwa 1 ( events  1 ), kemudian pada peristiwa 2 ( events 2 ) teman-teman bisa menjelaskan bagaimana awal timbulnya kebakaran itu dan apa penyebabnya. Kemudian di peristiwa ke- 3 apa saja dampak dari peristiwa kebakaran tersebut.

c.    Re-orientation : Re-orientation dalam recount text bahasa Inggris berisi rangkuman atau penutup cerita. Intinya seperti kesimpulan gitu seperti komentar atau kesan dari rangkaian peristiwa yang telah terjadi di bagian Events. Kesimpulan dari rangkaian peristiwa yang terjadi pada Events. Misalnya saja kebakaran. Re-orientationnya adalah Sungguh peristiwa yang menggemparkan. Aku tidak ingin peristiwa ini terulang kembali dan menimpa kampung kami.

Tujuan Recount Text Bahasa Inggris :

Baiklah, setelas mengetahui Pengertian dari Recount Text serta Generik Recount text itu sendiri. Maka ada baiknya saya member tahu teman-teman sebenarnya apa sih tujuan dari recount text itu ? Recount text bahasa Inggris memiliki tujuan memberikan informasi kepada para pembaca tentang pengalaman “experience “atau kejadian yang pernah kita alami, sehingga dengan membaca recount text yang kita buat, para pembaca terhibur dan merasakan juga apa yang kita rasakan dalam cerita recount text tersebut. Intinya pembaca senang dan terhibur dengan cerita recount text kita. Jadi kalau teman-teman ada tugas dari sekolah untuk membuat recount text bahasa Inggris, buatlah semenarik mungkin agar teman-teman Anda atau guru Anda bisa ikut terhibur dengan cerita recount text Anda.

Ciri-Ciri Recount Text bahasa Inggris :

 a.   Menggunakan keterangan waktu Simple Past Tense. Seperti : I went to beach yesterday,   I was sad, dll.
b.   Banyak menggunakan kata hubung antar ( conjunction ) kalimat seperti : then, before, after, and, but. Dll.

Contoh Recount Text Bahasa Inggris : 

Baiklah, setelah menjelaskan panjang lebar apa itu Pengetian recount text, Tujuan recount text, generic struktur recount text, serta cirri-ciri recount text. Kini akan saya berikan kepada teman-teman Contoh Recount Text bahasa Inggris. Pahami dan kenalilah bagian-bagian dari Contoh Recount Text yang saya berikan ini. Mana yang termasuk bagian Orientation,Events, dan Re-orientation. Semoga dengan adanya Contoh Recount Text bahasa Inggris ini bisa memudahkan teman-teman mengerti Pengertian dan Contoh Recount Text Bahasa Inggris. Berikut Contoh Recount Text Bahasa Inggris Terbaru :

My Bad Day
            I am so glad that today is over. So many things have gone wrong. For some reasons I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I was very tired when Mum called me this morning. I fell asleep again until Mum called me again. That snooze made me late.
             I did not have time for breakfast. I was starving as I ran to catch the school bus. I just missed it. Dad had to ride me to school. He was late for teaching at his school and he was furious with me. He scolded me for being late.
            I arrived at school on time. The teacher asked us to hand in our homework. My homework was not in my bag.  I had forgotten to put it in my bag the night before. I usually check my bag in the morning. I did not do this because I was late I had to do extra assignment as a punishment.
            After Biology lesson, I did not tie my shoelace properly. I tripped over it. And fell down the stairs. I hurt my knee and had to have a bandage on it.
What a terrible day! I hope that I have much better one tomorrow.

1.      What is the purpose of the text?
a.       To explain about something wrong                
b.      To inform about the writers activities               
c.       To entertain the readers about the funny story
d.      To discus about how to overcome the problem
e.       To retell about the writer’s terrible day

2.      The generic structure of the last paragraph is called …..
a.       reason                                                              d.   orientation                        
b.      re-orientation                                                 e.   complication
c.       events

3.      What made everything went wrong?
a.       He got up late in the morning                       d.   He got punishment from his teacher
b.      His came to school on time                             e.   His father was late to ride him
c.       His bag was left at home

4.      Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
a.       The writer didn’t sleep a wink at that night   d.   He fell down the stairs
b.      He didn’t hand in his homework                    e.   His father rode him to school
c.       He had breakfast before leaving for school

My Nice Holiday in Australia
          I really enjoyed my holiday in Australia. Last Sunday I visited a marine park called Sea World which is at surfers’ Paradise near Brisbane. It’s Australia’s largest marine park and I had a wonderful day there.
          The first thing I saw was the Oceanorium where you can watch all sorts of sea fish and animal under water. There were huge turtles, sharks, and a beautiful tropical sea fish. The most exciting thing was watching a man feeding the sharks. He wore a special diving suit. Then I watched the performance of sea animals. The saw was in a big outdoor swimming pool. There were killer whales, dolphins and sea lions, and they did all sort of fantastic things in the water. One of the girls in the show rode around the pool on the back of killing whale, and another girl rode underwater on the back of a big turtle. After the saw I had lunch. There were several big restaurant at the park and I had lunch in a restaurant that was shape like a ship! Then I watched a wonderful water-ski show which was held on a lake.
        There were lots of other things to do at the park. There was lake cruising, a train ride, a big water slide, swimming pools, and an incredible roller coaster called the ‘corkscrew’- because it goes three loops upside down. But I wish I had gone on the roller coaster ride before lunch rather than after it!

4.      Which of the following sea animals is known as ‘killer’?
a.       Sea lions                                                          d.   Turtles                                                      
b.       Dolphins                                                          e.   Whales
c.        Seals

5.      What is the main idea of paragraph two?
a.       There was a water-ski show held on a lake.
b.      The sea animals performed fantastic things in the water.
c.       The writer had lunch in one of the restaurants at the park.
d.      The Oceanorium displayed all sorts of fish and animals under water
e.       The writer visited the Oceanorium to watch all sorts of fish and performance

6.      Which of the following had made the writer very excited?
a.       Watching a girl riding on a back of a turtle                d.   Riding the roller coaster
b.      Watching a girl riding on a back of a whale   e.   Water skiing on the lake
c.       Watching a man feeding the shark

7.      “There were huge turtles, sharks, and a beautiful tropical sea fish.” (Paragraph 2)
      The antonym of the underlined word is …………
a.       tiny                                                                  d.    massive                           
b.      enormous                                                         e.    wide        
c.       heavy

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in Germany. He graduated from the University of Zurich in Switzerland in 1905. In 1905 he also did some of his famous work in Physics. In 1919 he won the Noble Prize for Physics. Between 1919 and 1933 he lived in Germany and traveled a lot to talk to other scientists. Then, in 1933 he had to leave Germany because of Hitler and the Nazy Party. He moved to United States from 1933 until his death. He lived in Princetown, New Jersey. He died on 18th April 1955.

4.      What is the topic of the text?
a.      Albert Einstein’s home town                       d.  The achievement of Albert Einstein
b.      The life of Albert Einstein                          e.   Albert Einstein’s study
c.      Albert Einstein’s childhood

5.      When did Albert Einstein win the Noble Prize?
a.      In 1905                                                                       d.   in 1933                            
b.      In 1919                                                                       e.   Between 1919 and 1933
c.      in 1955

6.      Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?
a.      Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prizes for Chemistry
b.      Albert Einstein had done some famous work in Physics before 1905
c.      Albert Einstein had spent the rest of his life in America for 21 years
d.     Albert Einstein died on age of 75 years old
e.      Albert Einstein was a Deutsch

7.      “In 1905 he also did some of his famous work in physics.”
      What is the similar meaning of the underlined word?
a.      Familiar                                                         d.  Well known                                
b.      Excellent                                                         e.  Great
c.      Very good                 

My Wonderful Experience Cildhood
       I think my first memories started when I was about three or perhaps four years old. I remember falling from a tree and breaking my arms. I think I was playing in the garden of the big, old house we lived in. It was in a suburb of London. I can remember starting school when I was five.
        There was a little boy called Thomas in the same class. He used to pull my hair when the teacher was not looking. One day I hit him on the head with a book and he began to cry. The teacher was very angry with me. I remember him saying, “Little girls don’t do things like that.” But since then Thomas never pulled my hair again.

4.      The writer started studying in his school when she was …… years old.
a.      3                                                                      d.   4                                                               
b.      5                                                                      e.   6
c.      7

5.      Thomas never pulled the writer’s hair again because ……
a.      He was afraid of the writer                         d.   The teacher was angry with the writer
b.      The writer was bigger than he was              e.   He moved to another school
c.      He was afraid of the teacher

6.      “One day I hit him on the head with ……” (Paragraph 2).    
       The underlined word means ……
a.      broke                                                               d.   offended                            
b.      attacked                                                                      e.  struck
c.      bumped

Baiklah terima kasih telah membaca Pengertian Recount Text dan Contoh Recount Text ini. Semoga pemahaman teman-teman mengenai pengertian Recount text dan Contoh Recount Text semakin bagus dari hari ke hari. Jika artikel tentang Pengertian Recount Text dan Contoh RecountText ini bermanfaat menurut teman-teman, Pengertian Recount Text dan Contoh Recount Text ini bisa dishare ke FB atau twitter teman-teman. Sekian penjelasan mengenai Pengertian Recount Text dan Contoh Recount Text. Salam SUKSES !

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