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Pengertian, Contoh, Soal/Latihan "Expressing Politeness and Responding" dan Kunci Jawabannya

Pengertian, Contoh, Soal/Latihan "Expressing Politeness and Responding" dan Kunci Jawabannya - Apakah teman - teman pernah melihat orang yang perilakunya sopan ? Menghargai orang lain? Ya. Tentu saja. Orang yang memiliki karakter tersebut adalah orang yang selalu dicintai dan disukai banyak orang. Mereka akan mudah ditemui oleh rezeki. Semoga kita selalu menjadi manusia yang termasuk dalam kategori "orang yang sopan" dan selalu menghargai orang lain. Amin. Yapz dalam bahasa Inggris ada salah salah satu materi yang membahas tentang "Expressing Politeness" ( Expresi Kesopanan". Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan memberikan materi Pengertian, Contoh, Soal/Latihan "Expressing Politeness and Responding" dan Kunci Jawabannya kepada teman-teman. Tolong disimak baik-baik ya penjelasan saya tentang Pengertian, Contoh, Soal/Latihan "Expressing Politeness and Responding" dan Kunci Jawabannya ini, agar teman-teman lebih mudah memahami materi Pengertian, Contoh, Soal/Latihan "Expressing Politeness and Responding" dan Kunci Jawabannya. Berikut perhatikan tabel "Expressing Politeness and Responding" :

Expressing Politeness
Open the door, please
Can you help me bring the books ?
No problem.
Will you accompany me to dentist, please ?
No big deal.
Excuse me. Where’s the Principal’s office ?
Would you tell me where the Principal’s office is, please ?
Could you tell me where the Principal’s office is ?

Sure. It is next to the library.
May I help you ?

Would you mind ?

Could you please ?

Kata-kata yang saya beri garis tebal pada kolom di atas adalah kata yang menjadi cirri khas dari “Expressing Politeness”.Supaya teman-teman lebih memami materi bahasa Inggris “Expressing Politeness and Responding” ini, maka pada kesempatan ini saya akan memberikan Contoh “Expressing Politeness and Responding”. Simak baik-baik ya “Expressing Politeness and Responding” ini. 

Contoh “Expressing Politeness and Responding” :


Assistant : Good morning, Can I help you ?
Monika : Yes, please. I want some cakes, please.
Assistant : What sort would you like ? The cheese cakes are very yummy.
Monika : Are they ? I’ll take four of those, please.
Assistant : And these are nice too, the ones with chocolate cream in the middle.
Monika : Hmm…they also like delicious indeed. “d like three of those as well.
Assistant : Sure.
Monika : O.K. How much are they ?
Assistant : Sixty thousand Rupiah.
Monika : Here’s the money.
Assistant : Thank you.


Wawan : Excuse me, Sir. May I have your time ?
Mr. Aziz : Sure. Please come in. O.K., what can I do for you ?
Wawan : Sir, My mom just called and told me that my father in hospital. I really want to go there and see him. Would you please allow me to leave the class now, Sir ? I’m really woriied about my father.
Mr. Aziz : Oh, I’m sorry to hear abou your father, O.K., you can go home now.
Wawan : Thank you, Sir.
Mr. Aziz : You’re welcome. Give my best regards to your parents. I hope your father will get better soon.
Wawan : All right, Sir. Thank you.   


Nita : Excuse me. Could you please tell me where Mr. Burhan is, Sir ?
Mr. Abdullah : Well, he has just been out. Perhaps he is in the library now. He likes going there during the breek.
Nita : Oh I see. Thank you, Sir.
Mr. Abdullah : You’re welcome.

Soal / Latihan “Expressing Politeness and Responding”

Untuk membuktikan kepahaman kalian, coba kerjakan Soal / Latihan “Expressing Politeness and Responding” berikut ini. Ini dia  Soal / Latihan “Expressing Politeness and Responding” :

Mutma : Excuse me., Miss. Anything can I do for you ?
Ms. Eliza : Yes, Mutma. What’s the matter ?
Mutma : Yes, please. May I borrow your dictionary ? I need to look up a new word.
Ms. Eliza : Sure. Here you are.
Mutma : Thank you, Miss. I’ll return it as soon as possible.
Ms. Eliza : No problem.

1.      What is the dialog about ?
a.       Returning a book
b.      Learning a new word
c.       Lending a book
d.      Borrowing a dictionary

2.      Mutma said “ I’ll return it as soon as possible”.
What does the underlined word refer to ?
a.       The dictionary
b.      The book
c.       The matter
d.      The new word

Angga : Excuse me, Sir. May ask you something ?
Mr. Ashari : Certainly. Angga. What is it ?
Angga : I wonder if you could explain the respiratory system once again.
Mr.Ashari : O.K. I’ll explain it after the break time. Is it all right ?
Angga : Yes, Sir. Thank you.

1.      During what lesson does the dialog take place ?
a.       Physics
b.      Biology
c.       Math
d.      Chemistry

2.      Angga said “May I ask you something” ?
What does it mean ?
a.       He is offering something
b.      He is instructing someone
c.       He is asking for information politely
d.      He is requesting something

3.      Rahma : Excuse me, Ma’am.
Teacher : Yes, Rahma. What’s up ?
Rahma : Ma’am. I’m a little bit confused with question number three. Would you be kind enough to explain me more about it ?
Teacher : Let’s ask the others first
Rahma : O.K.
Teacher : Listen, class. Rahma has a problem with question number three. Can any of you help Rahma ? What about you Gilang ?
Gilang : I’m really sorry Ma’am. I can’t. Finally, I don’t understand it either.
Teacher : Do you ? Well,…it seems to be everybody’s problem. All right then, I’ll explain it once again. But first, Yandar, will you clean the blackboard ?
Yandar : Yes, Ma’am.
Teacher : Thank you.

Question :

1.      Where do you think the dialog take place ?
2.      What is Rahma’s problem ?
3.      Can Gilang help Rahma solve her problem ? How do you know ?
4.      What is Yandar asked for ?
5.      Rahma said “Would you be kind enough to explain me more about it ?”
What does the word “you” refer to ?


1. D
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. a. In the classroom
    b. She is a little bit confused with question number three
    c. No. Because Gilang said “ I can’t”. And he don’t understand it either.
    d. Cleaning the blackboard
    e. The teacher.


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