Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pengertian dan Contoh "Showing and Responding to Doubt" Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

Pengertian dan Contoh "Showing and Responding to Doubt" Bahasa Inggris Terbaru - Dalam menerima informasi baik di TV, koran, majalah, atau radio kita tentu tidak selamanya percaya atau yakin akan kebenaran informasi yang kita lihat dan dengar itu. Mungkin sewaktu-waktu kita merasa ragu-ragu dengan informasi itu. Nah, inilah yang disebut dalam bahasa Inggris "Showing and Responding to Doubt" ( Mengungkapkan dan Merespon Keragu-raguan ). Baiklah, saya akan memberikan teman-teman Pengertian dan Contoh "Showing and Responding to Doubt" Bahasa Inggris Terbaru. Semoga Pengertian dan Contoh "Showing and Responding to Doubt" Bahasa Inggris Terbaru ini bisa bermanfaat bagi teman-teman. Berikut penjelasan Pengertian dan Contoh "Showing and Responding to Doubt" Bahasa Inggris Terbaru :

Tabel "Showing to Doubt"  :

I am doubtful about ….
Saya ragu tentang …
I am doubtful that ……
Saya ragu bahwa …..
I am not certain about it
Saya tidak yakin tentang ….
I am not sure that ….
Saya tidak yakin bahwa ….

Don't worry
Jangan khawatir
There is no doubt about it
Tidak ada keraguan tentang itu
Yes, that is uncertain yet
Ya, hal itu masih belum pasti

Berikut Contoh "Showing and Responding to Doubt" bahasa Inggris dalam dialog : 

Bastian : I' doubtful that Roni will be on time this night. ( Aku ragu bahwa Roni akan tepat waktu 
               malam ini )
Muharrar : Don't worry Bastian. He is on the way now. ( Jangan khawatir Bastian. Dia sedang di jalan sekarang )

Novi : I'm not sure about this plan. ( Saya tidak yakin dengan rencana ini )
Nisya : There is no doubt that our plan will work well ( Tidak ada keraguan, rencana kita akan 
             berjalan baik )

Septi : I'm not certain that I will get the best score in this test. ( Saya tidak yakin bahwa saya akan 
            mendapat nilai terbaik dalam tes ini )
Anggun : Don't worry Septi. You studied well last night. ( jangan khawatir Septi. Kamu telah belajar 
                dengan baik tadi malam. )

Soal / Latihan tentang  "Showing and Responding to Doubt" Bahasa Inggris Terbaru :

1. Tya : I am doubtful that Bayu will reply my message.
    Reni : ............... Probably he is still sleep now.

2. Indah : ................................ ?
    Eliza : I'm sure he will. He is a good football player

3. Didik : ............................................ ?
    Rena :  Don't worry. He will go home soon.

4. Dinil : I;m not sure that Indonesia's volleyball team will win in this championship
    Angga : ...................... Indonesia's volleyball team will try harder in this year.

Rehan   : Tomorrow is the due date for our assignment.
Ivan       : Sorry, (5)…………………
Rehan   : I said, “Tomorrow is the due date for our assignment.”
Ivan       : Yes, you are right. But, (6)………I can submit it tomorrow. I have lots of jobs to do.  
                 How about you?
Rehan   : Well, (7) ….I can submit it tomorrow because I’m going to finish it tonight.

Soal 5 :

A. What do you do?                        C. What can I do for you?
            B. What did you say?                      D. What happened to you?

          Soal 6 :

             A. I’m not sure                                  C. surely
             B. I’m sad                                          D. of course

           Soal 7 :

                     A. I’m glad                                           C. I’m sure
        B. I’m sad                                             D. I’m sorry

Anna     : Do you think China will win the Uber Cup?
Wulan   : (8)……………They always play beautifully. Why? Don’t you think so?
Anna     : Well, (11)………….I think Indonesia’s team plays better.

8.                    A. I am with you.                              C. That’s a good idea.
          B. I agree with you.                         D. I’m doubtful about that.

Ery          : What do you think of our new classmate, Nusantara?
Yogi        : I think he is a sociable student.
Ery          : Yes, I think so, too. He is able to make friends easily. Nearly all of our friends know
               him well within just a month.
Yogi        : Do they? (9)……………..
Ery          : Yep. (10)……………..

9.                   A. What is he?                                   C. What a shame!
          B. What is he doing?                         D. What a popular boy he is!
10.                A.  No doubt about that!                   C. Wow!
          B.  I have no idea.                             D. Really?

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