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The Recipe How to Make Rolls Steamed Pandan

The Recipe How to Make Rolls Steamed Pandan

The Materials Make rolls steamed pandan  :
 1. As with other wet cake recipe, the main ingredient needed is flour that has a protein content    
    about 50 grams

2. Medium size chicken eggs ,  approximately 2 eggs.

3. Pasta pandan good quality ,  approximately 1 small spoon.

4. Buttercream good quality sufficiently, to coat the inside of the sponge cake rolls.

5. Thick coconut milk of approximately 50 ml.

6. Good quality white sugar of approximately 50 grams.

7.  Cake emulsifier as much as a small spoon.

8. Baking paper.

How To Make Rolls Steamed Pandan  :

1. Take a medium sized container to make the main dough.

2. Insert the prepared white sugar and cake emulsifier into the batter container. Stir briefly so well  

3. Break the egg and enter one by one into the batter container above. Whisk all ingredients until 

4. Enter cake flour into the dough above. Use a spatula stir all ingredients are well blended and there 
    are no lumps of flour clumps.

5. Insert the prepared coconut milk into the batter above. Stir so well blended.

6. Include pandan paste into the batter above then stir again until all ingredients are well blended.

7. Prepare a baking sheet that will be used for steaming pandan sponge cake. Pour batter rolls above  
    into the pan and spread in a baking dish.

8. Enter the baking pan into a preheated steamer. Steamed dough rolls until cooked or less takes  
    20-24 minutes so really mature.

9. Once cooked, remove and let cool first to the hot steam from the cake missing before smeared  
    buttercream on top.

10. Remove the cast manner, sponge cake roll on butcher paper. Soon rubbing the top of the sponge 
      cake with butter cream that has been prepared in advance to all parts of the closed flat.

11. Once rolled sponge that has been spread with buttercream and then press and condense so  
      attached and form a perfect rolls.

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