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Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Procedure Text 2015 Part 2

 Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Procedure Text 2015 Part 2

Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Procedure Text 2015 Part 2 - Berikut saya akan memberikan Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Procedure Text 2015 Part 2  yang semoga bisa membantu teman teman dalam menyelesaikan PR atau tugas dari sekolah. Jika artikel ini bermanfaat bisa di share dengan mencantumkan sumbernya. Terimakasih ;)

Text 1  for questions number 1  to 3
In most cases, you can transplant a tree succesfully, at any time, if you follow the instruction for planting a tree. The most impotant thing is to dig out enough roots, but this process is difficult with a large tree.
When you dig out a tree, take a ball of earth measuring about a foot wide for every inc of diameter of the tree trunk. You should dig deep enough to avoid cutting off too many taproots.
It is wise to call in a professional tree expert to transplant a tree.

1.       The text describes how ……..
a.       to plant a tree                                                                       d.   to keep a tree                                                
b.       to cut off a tree                                                                     e.   to transplant a tree
c.       to dig out the earth
2.       To transplant a tree successfully, you should ……
a.       measure the ball of earth around the tree roots          d.   dig out enough roots
b.       select location carefully                                                    e.   cut off as many taproots as you can
c.       conduct the instruction of cutting a tree
3.       You should dig deep enough to avoid cutting off too many taproots.” (Paragraph 2).
The underlined word means ......
a.       important roots                                                                   d.   balls of the earth                                          
b.       heavy roots                                                                           e.   main roots
c.       trunk

Text 2  for questions 4 to 7

Pempek Palembang

Main Ingredients:
§  250 gr cod or any white meat fish
§  125 gr tapioca or corn flour
§  2 tbsp light soya sauce
§  Salt and pepper
§  1 tbsp oil (to prevent the dough sticky)
§     For type Kapal selam, you need 3 hard boiled eggs slice half

Soup Ingredients:
§   5 chillies
§  100 gr palm sugar
§  2 tbsp sugar
§  Salt and pepper
§  2 tbsp light soya sauce
§  2 tbsp ebi (dried prawn)
§  Handful diced cucumber
§  4 tbsp rice vinegar
§  1 tsp tamarind
§  250 ml water
Soup Method
Boil all soup ingredients into sauce pan

1. Blend all the ingredients into food processor until the smooth like a dough, you could put splash of water if you need it.
2. Put enough fish cake into your hand and put half boiled egg in the middle and over it with the dough and put into boiled water until floating.
3. Drain all the water, deep fry it and add some of the soup.

4.       The text tells you about …
a.       how to make Pempek Palembang
b.       how to eat Pempek Palembang
c.       the soup ingredients to make Pempek Palembang
d.       how to prepare the ingredients to make Pempek Palembang
e.       the equipment needed to make Pempek Palembang
5.       The followings are the main ingredients you need to make Pempek Palembang, except …
a.       pepper                                                                                   d.   soya sauce                                     
b.       sugar                                                                                      e.   salt
c.       corn flour
6.       What is the use of the food processor?
a.        to boil the ingredients                                                       d.    to fry the ingredients
b.       to measure the ingredients                                                e.   to heat the ingredients
c.       to blend the ingredients
7.       Why is oil needed to prepare the dough?
a.       to fry the dough                                                                  d.   to make the dough softer
b.       to clean the dough                                                               e.   to prevent the dough from being sticky
c.       to heat the dough


1. E
2. A
3. E
4. A
5. B
6. C
7. A

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