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Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK 2016 Terbaru

Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK 2016 Terbaru - Sekarang kalian sudah menduduki kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK itu tandanya kalian sedang berada di penghujung masa SMA/MA/SMK dan sebentar lagi akan berpisah dengan guru-guru dan teman-teman. Tentu kalian tidak ingin meninggalkan sekolah dengan kenangan yang jelek. Salah satu cara membuat kenangan yang indah adalah dengan membuat sebuah nilai yang memuaskan saat ulangan. Jadi jika kalian ingin membuat kenangan indah maka ciptakanlah suatu nilai yang memuaskan saat ulangan maupun Ujian Nasional (UN) nanti.

Bahasa Inggris adalah salah satu mata pelajaran yang sering dikeluhkan oleh sebagian besar siswa-siswi. Sebenarnya Bahasa Inggris adalah bukan mata pelajaran yang sulit. Inti dari Bahasa Inggris adalah kita harus sering-sering menghafal kosakata. Beberapa hari lagi kalian akan menghadapi ulangan mid semester. Pada kesempatan ini saya akan memberikan Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK 2016 Terbaru.

One evening last week my and I were sitting quietly at home. Suddenly we heard a loud bang. I supposed that the old lady in the flat above ours was moving the furniture about. My wife was afraid that the noise would wake the baby. She turned down the TV and moment latter we heard someone calling for help.
I run upstairs. The old lady’s door was shut but I could see smoke coming through the letter box and under the door and smell something burning.” Ring the fire brigade .” I should down to my wife.
I banged on the door but the old lady took a long time answer. I was turning over in my mind the idea of breaking the door down when she finally appeared.
“I was having a bath,” she said,” when the water heater in the kitchen blew up. And I was getting dressed when you knocked.
I took her down stairs to our flat. Smoke was pouring out of the kitchen and the heater was in flames. Just then I heard a fire engine arriving outside and the heavy footsteps of the firemen on the stairs.” It’s in here,” I shouted,” You turned up promptly, I must say.”
When I got back to our flat, my wife was making the old lady a cup of tea, Soon afterwards, the fire chief came in to ask a few questions. It turned out that the fire was not very serious and the firemen were already putting it out. When they left, my wife went up with the old lady to help her clean up the mess.
When she returned, my wife remarked : “It’s all right now. Nothing was damaged except the water heater. But wasn’t it lucky that baby slept through the noise ?’
She took the teacups into the kitchen and I heard her scream and the cups crash to the floor. When I got there, water dripping from the ceiling and forming a pool on the floor. The baby woke up at least and began to cry.

Choose the right statement

1. What is the story about ?
a. A disastrous accident
b. A confused old lady
c. A fire brigade in action
d. A surprising evening
e. A small accident in the kitchen

2. The writer suspected that something was wrong when…
a. there was a loud noise
b. there was a cry for help
c. his wife was afraid of the noise
d. furniture was being moved about
e. he saw smoke coming through his letter-box

3. Which of the following statement is true ?
a. the old lady hurried to the door when yhe writer knocked
b. the noise in the old lady’s flat didn’t disturb the baby
c. the writer kicked the door open to save the old lady’s life
d. there was great damage in the flat ofter the fire
e. the old lady immediately called the fire brigade

4. ‘Turning over in my mind in paragraph 3 means…
a. chancing c. reminding
b. repeating d.considering e.supposing

5. After reading the whole story, we know that…
a. the old lady was good at house cleaning
b. the baby was startled by the some of the fire engine
c. the fire occurred because the old lady had been careless
d. the old lady always enjoyed having tea with the writer’s wife
e. the fire had caused a leak in the ceiling of the writer’s kitchen

6. Which of the following statement is not true ?
a. the baby woke up a long while after the fire
b. the writer and his wife were at home watching TV that night
c. the fire engine didn’t arrive as quickly as the writer had thought
d. the writer’s wife was so startled that the cups fell from her hends
e. the writer’s wife didn’t expect to see a pool of water in her kitchen

7. Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they are more…
a. economic c. economical e.economically
b. economy d.economize

8. The place …..the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro was hilly
a. which c. that which
b. that d.on which

9. The woman begged the robber…
a. don’t take my money
b. not to take her money
c. not taking her money
d. he didn’t take her money
e. he’d better not take her money

10. Every night the street vendors walk along the road and…food and drink.
a. sells c. sell selling
b. to sell d.selling

11. All these years. Ira’s family….in poverty
a. lives c. was living e.has been living
b. lived d.had lived

12. As I don’t have enough capital to start a business, I would like to apply for a….from the bank
a. share c. loan e.policy
b. cash d.deposit

13. Which of the following sentences has the correct punctuation ?
a. He eats almost anything : fish, snails, snakes and bats
b. He eats almost anything fish, snails, snakes, and bats
c. He eats almost anything; fish, snails, snakes, and bats
d. He eats almost anything; fish snails, snakes, and bats
e. He, eats almost anything, fish snails, snakes and bats
14. The ….guest came to the party without having the invitation
a. unexpect d.unexpexts
b. unexpected e.being unexpected
c. unexpecting

15. The girls…..the T-shirt must be a tourist
a. wears c. wearing e she is wearing
b. to wear d.she wears

16. ‘What did Rian promise you yerterday ?”
“……together in the library
a. studied c. studying studying
b. to study d.we study

17. ……….near the beach, Pangandaran because a popular tourist resort
a. Located c. Location
b. Locating d.Locates e.It is locating

18. We were astonished at….a good score for his TOEFL in spite of his poor English
a. be able to get d. to be able to get
b. being able to get e. he could get
c. his being able to get

19. Niken didn’t like the movies and neither did Santi
This sentences means:…
a. only Santi didn’t like the movie
b. Bath Niken and Santi didn’t like the movie
c. Niken didn’t like the movie but Santi did
d. One of the two girls didn’t like the movie
e. not only Niken but also Santi like the movie

20. I don’t know how to sew this night gown; I’d rather….
a. sew it d. it has been sewed
b. have sewed it e. have it sewed
c. have to sew it

21. ‘I’d never seen komodo until ! Visited the Komodo island’ means….
a. I visited the Komodo island until I saw a KOmodo
b. I didn’t see a komodo when I visited Komodo island
c. when I visited Komodo island, I immediately saw a Komodo
d. I saw a Komodo for the first time in the Komodo island
e. I didn’t go to Komodo island until I saw a Komodo

22. The cars are broken; we… the mechanic
a. have repaired them
b. have been repaired
c. are reapiring taken
d. must be repaired them
e. must have them repaired

23. ‘Last night someone broke into my house ‘
“oh, dear !…..?
a. was anything taken
b. Did anything take
c. Had anything taken
d. Anything to be taken
e. was anything being taken

24. ‘Does he often come to this museum ?!
a. once he has only visited it
b. he has once visited it only
c. he has visited it only once
d. only he has visited once
e. he once only visited it

25. Producing fine paintings….skill and creativity
a. require c. is requiring e. they require
b. requires d. it requires

26. ‘It the company’s personnel department had mainded the letter
earlier, I would not have been too late for the interview
a. the letter came to early
b. I missed the interview
c. I went through the interview
d. the company didn’t send the letter
e. I didn’t want to be interviewed

27. He should have gone to the doctor when he got an accident.
it means….
a. He stayed at home
b. He got home on time
c. The doctor was away
d. the accident was a terrible one
e. he succeeded in escaping from the accident

28. ‘If there were not traffic lights at this intersection, there would be so many accidents’
We may conclude that…
a. This is not a dangerous intersection
b. The traffic light often don’t work
c. despite the traffic lights accidents happen
d. the only accidents occur at this intersection
e. this is a very dangerous intersection

29. Someone had stolen his car last night
He…..forgotten to lock the garage
a. would have c. should have e. must be
b. might have d. could have

30. “I got to the library at one o’clock, and it started raining immediately !
We can also say…
a. when I got to the library, it was already raining
b. the rain started some time before I went to the library
c. It started raining when I was walking to the library
d. it had started raining before I got to the library
e. it started raining as soon as I got to the library
31. Facing the ceremony, we have to prepare more food
Two tours of rice….a large amount needed
a. are                b. it is              c. are being                  d. is                 e. they are

32. Her winning a prize in beauty contest surprises me
The underlined words means…
a. After she won a prize          d. when she won a prize
b. she is winning a prize          e. The fact that she won a prize
c. The expectation that she’ll win a prize

33. The students are supposed to have finished their test when the bell rings.
a. the students finished their test
b. the students will have finished their test
c. the students were finishing their test
d. the students will be finishing their test
e. the students are going to finish their test

34. The teacger asked the lazy student….the English classes
a.that he attended                   d.why hadn’t he attended
b.hadn’t he attended      often he had attended
c. when had he attended

35. All these years, some people… poverty
a. lives             c. had lived                 e. has been living
b. lived            d. was living

36. The manager,….’Which night gowns will be sold tomorrow ?”
The worker, ‘We don’t know yet; they…… us
a. are still being selected                     d. still selected
b. are still selecting                              e. still selecting
c. still be selected

37. There are four of us working in the same company:….work in the sales Department.
a. as a matter of fact my brother, Rian, Santi, Memik and I
b. as a matter of fact, my brother, Rian, santi, Memik and I
c. as a matter of fact, my brother Rian, Santi, Memik and I
d. as a matter of fact, my brother Rian, Santi, Memik an I
e. as a matter of fact my brother, Rian, Santi, Memik and I

38. The people won’t and their strike unless their proposal are agreed.
a. the government has to agree their proposal
b. the government doesn’t agree their proposal
c. the people have got an agreement in their proposal
d. the people don’t expect an agree ment in their proposal
e. the government doesn’t agree to the people’s proposal

39. Retno doesn’t have a radio. Retno doesn’t have a television
the two sentences can be combined into:
a. Retno has either or a television
b. Retno doesn’t have a radio but a television
c. Retno has neither a radio nor a television
d. Retno doesn’t have a radio and also televisio n
e. Retno doesn’t only have a radio also a television

40. Driving a long the heavy road, she hit a tree and broke her leg.
The underlined words means:….a long the heavy road.
a. As she would drive             b. After she had driven           c. Because she was driving
d. while she was driving         e. In order that she could drive
41. ‘What did your mother tell you ?’
“……..near the street
a. Not play                  c. Not playing                         e.Let’s not play
b. Not to play              d. Did not play

42. ‘What did you find in the old house ?’
a. I broke a chair                                 d. A chair breaking
b. the chair was broken                       e. A broken chair
c. Breaking a chair

43. My mother said,” I have never met such a diligent boy”
From the above statement we may conclude that…
a. she seldom met a diligent boy
b. the boy she saw was a lazy one
c. It was the fist time he met a diligent boy
d. This is the diligent boy he has ever met
e. He has never met a lazy boy before

44. Mr Yohan gained immediate….for his great discovery
a. recognize                 c.recognized
b. recognized               d.recognition               e.recognizing

45. ‘What has made Siska so well-known today ?’
a. only he is not a good artist, but a scholar
b. Also he is a good artist only, but not a scholar
c. He is not only a good artist, but also a good scholar
d. He is also only a good artist, but not a scholar
e. only he is an artist and also a scholar, but not good

46. Mr.Ramli asled his son to drive him to his office
We can also say”……… his office
a. Mr.Ramli drove his son
b. Mr.Ramli has to drive his son
c. Mr.Ramli had to drive his son
d. Mr.Ramli had his son drive him
e. Mr.Ramli’s son had driven him

47. On my way to the campus, I ….a friend whom I had not met for years.
a. ran off                     c. ran down                 e. ran into
b. ran out                     d. ran over
48. Yuni          : … about using the internet?
      Hadi          : I think the internet is useful.
a. What’s your opinion            b. Can you help me     c. May I help you
d. Can I have                          e. can I help you
49. Dara          : You’re busy baking the cake, Nadine. … ?
      Nadine      : No, thanks. It’s almost done.
a. Do you agree           b. Can I help you                    c. Do you think          
d. I don’t agree           e. What do you think
50. Susi           : Oh No ! I forget to bring my pen… land me your pen, please?
      Yossi         : Sure!
a. I don’t think so       b. Can I have               c. What do you think of
d. Can you                  e.May I

Semoga dengan adanya Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK 2016 Terbaru ini kalian bisa lebih mempersiapkan diri menghadapi ulangan mid semester. Sehingga dengan persiapan yang matang kalian bisa meraih hasil uang memuaskan. Amin. Terimakasih telah membaca Soal Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/MA/SMK 2016 Terbaru.


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