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Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI (6) SD / MI Terbaru

Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI (6) SD / MI Terbaru - Kelas VI (6) SD/MI adalah masa-masa yang sangat harus dimanfaatkan dengan baik. Karena pada masa-masa ini kalian akan menghadapi Ujian Akhir Sekolah (UAS) dan Ujian Nasional (UN). Tentu untuk mendapat nilai tinggi kalian harus rajin belajar. Beberapa hari lagi kalian akan menghadapi ulangan mid semester. Ulangan mid semester jangan disepelekan. Karena ulangan mid semester lumayan memberikan nilai besar di rapot.

Bahasa Inggris adalah salah satu mata pelajaran yang akan kalian hadapi saat ulangan mid semester nanti. Supaya nilai ulangan mid semester Bahasa Inggris kalian bagus tentu kalian harus mempersiapkan diri dengan rajin belajar menghafal kosakata Bahasa Inggris, soal-soal latihan Bahasa Inggris, dan lain sebagainya. Pada kesempatan ini saya akan memberikan Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI (6) SD / MI Terbaru.
This is class six of SD Sukadamai. I am the student of this class. Let see what are there inside the classroom. There are many kind of things here. Mrs.Henni is my teacher. She is sitting on her chair. She is writing on her desk. In front of the classroom there is a blackboard. Our teacher usually write on it. She writes on the blackboard using chalk. Sometimes she uses eraser to erase her writing. If she wants to make lines she uses ruler. At the corner of the classroom stands a cupboard. It is used to put books and others important things. My class has twenty tables with fourty chairs. At usual days all the chairs are full, but today there are two chars are empty, because two students are absent.
1. To write on the blackboard, Mrs.Henni uses ....
    A. pen                     B. pencil                     C. chalk                       D. eraser

2. Mrs.Henni puts the books and important things ....
    A. on the table        B. in the cupboard      C. at the corner          D. in front of the class
3. There are ... tables in the classroom.
    A. fourty                 B. twenty two                         C. twenty                    D. two
4. The cupboard is located ....
A. in front of the class                               B. beside the blackboard    
C. at the back of the class                          D. at the corner of the classroom

5. There are ... students in the class six of SD Sukadamai.
    A. two                       B. fourty                   C. twenty                   D. four

6. There are two chairs empty, because ....
    A. one student is absent                                B. two students are absent
    C. fourty students are absent                        D. four students are absent

7. To make line on the book or blackboard, we use....
    A. eraser                  B. book                       C. ruler                        D. chalk
8. All the students in the class six of SD Sukadamai are ...
    A. fourty two          B. fourty                     C. thirty eight              D. twenty

9. There are ... students present today.
    A. thirty four           B. thirty eight              C. twenty                    D. twenty two
10. Students use .... to write on their book.
      A. chalk and ruler                                                 B. ruler or eraser
      C. pen or pencil                                         D. eraser or chalk

Today is Monday. We have to go to school again after having a holiday on Sunday. We have six school-days a week. They are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On school-day I usually wake up at five o'clock in the mornning. Then, I take a bath, praying, having breakfast and go to school. School begans at seven o'clock, but I arrive there at half past six. The school goes on until one o'clock at noon. Today all students are busy studying, because they are going to take a final test at the end of Semester. In a year we have two semesters. First semester are : July, August, September, October, November, December. The second are : January, February, March, April, May, June.
11. The first day in a week is ....
      A. Sunday             B. Monday                 C. Tuesday                  D. Wednesday
12. Two day after Sunday is ....
      A. Wednesday      B. Tuesday                 C. Friday                    D. Saturday
13. If today is Friday, yesterday was ....
      A.Saturday            B.Thursday                C.Tuesday                   D.Friday
14. On school-day I have breakfast ....
      A. at seven o'clock
            B. at half past six
  C. before half past six       D. at five
15. We study at school for ....
       A. one hour
         B. five hours               C. six hours                 D. seven hours
16. I usually arrive at school at ....
      A. 07.00
               B. 06.30                      C. 06.00                      D. 05.00
17. At one o'clock, people usually have ....
      A. lunch
               B. dinner                     C. breakfast                 D. suffer
18. Indonesian proclaimed their independence on ....
      A. July
                  B. June                        C. October                  D. August
19. R.A. Kartini was born on ....
      A. May
                 B. April                       C. July                         D. September
20. The end of the year is ....
       A. June
                B. July                         C. December               D. January
Tedi, Dani, and Tina are students of SD Sukadamai. Every morning they go to school together. They go to school on foot. They like walking because walking make them healthy, and they can see a lot along their way. On the way, they often meet Mr.Jona. He will go to work. He works at his ricefield. He is a farmer. They also meet Miss.Vina and Mr.Hardi. They work at city hospital. Miss.Vina is a nurse, and Mr.Hardi is a doctor. They can also see many people do their own job such as mechanic at garage, carpenter at work shop, and driver with their car. at the school they meet Mr.Anjas. Mr.Anjas is a teacher.
21. Mr.Jona works at his rice-field. He is a ....
      A. teacher              B. doctor                     C. farmer                     D. driver
22. Mr.Hardi cures sick people in the hospital. He is a ....
      A. farmer               B. doctor                     C. teacher                    D. driver
23. Miss.Vina works in the hospital but she is not a doctor. May be she is a ....
      A. nurse                 B. singer                      C. typist                      D. Secretary
24. Mr.Karim makes chairs, tables, cupboards, and many other wooden things. He is a ....
      A. driver                B. farmer                     C. carpenter                 D. Mechanic
25. Mr.Darman is a mechanic. He works at ....
      A. school               B. hospital                   C. gallery                     D. garage     
26. Mr. Anjas is a ....
      A. doctor               B. teacher                    C. driver                      D. carpenter
27. Miss. Yanti entertaint people by singing. She is a ....
      A. singer                B. teacher                    C. dancer                     D. artist
28. Miss. Sussi works at an office. Her main job is type the letters and many kinds of  documents. 
      She is a ....
      A. singer                B. secretary                 C. typist                      D. nurse
29. Mr.Dodi wears green uniform, black boot, red baret, and a ripple on his shoulder. He is a ....
      A. teacher              B. soldier                     C. policeman               D. hunter
30. Mr.Rendy paints a lot of beautiful scenery on the canvas. Sometimes he paints animals, 
      flowers, or even people. He is ....
      A. a painter           B. a soldier                  C. a mechanic              D. an artist
Unlike the sub-tropical countries, that have four seasons a year, Indonesia has only two seasons a year. They are dry season and wet season or rainy season. Astronomically, dry season takes between March up to August, and wet season between September up to February.
As an agricultural country, Indonesia people earn their life by farming. They plant rice as their stuple diet, and many kinds of vegetables at their garden. They can do this when there are a lot of water. It is on rainy season. But sometimes, rainy season often creates serious problem for people. Too much water may cause flood.

31. Indonesia has two seasons in a year. They are ...
      A. summer and autum                               B. wet season and rainy season  
      C. dry season and wet season                   D. rainy and summer

32. Rainy season takes place between ....
      A. September to February                         B. March to August 
      C. June to October                                    D. March to July
33. On dry season people can not plant rice, because....
      A. enough water                                       B. too much water     
      C. there is no enough water                         D. often flood

34. It is sunny day. The weather is ....
      A. hot                    B. cool                         C. comportable            D. pleasant
35. It is a cloudy day. Sooner will be ....
      A. windy day        B. fogy day                 C. rainy day                D. cold day
36. It is a windy day. Happily children play ....
      A. foot ball            B. hide and seek         C. marble                     D. kite
37. It is rainy day. People like to ....
      A. shoping                                                             B. stay at home     
      C. working in the garden                                     D. fishing in the pool

38. Flood usually takes place when ....
      A. too much rain                                                   B. the sun shines brightly     
      C. there is no rain                                                  D. the wind blow strongly
39. Umbrella is used when ....
      A. cloudy day       B. rainy day                C. windy day              D. fogy day
40. Fog makes the day ....
      A. bright                B. cool                         C. dark                        D. wet




1. C                  11. A                   21. C                  31. C      
2. B                  12. A                   22. B                  32. A
3. C                  13. B                   23. A                  33. C
4. D                  14. C                   24. C                  34. A
5. B                  15. C                   25. D                  35. C
6. B                  16. B                   26. B                  36. D
7. C                  17. A                   27. A                  37. B
8. B                  18. D                   28. C                  38. A
9. B                  19. B                   29. B                  39. B
10. C                20. C                   30. A                  40. C

Semoga dengan adanya Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI (6) SD / MI Terbaru ini kalian akan semakin termudahkan dalam belajar. Dengan adanya kunci jawaban tentu kalian akan semakin mudah dalam menyocokkan mana jawaban yang benar dengan jawaban kalian sehingga kalian bisa belajar dari kesalahan. Terimakasih telah membaca Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Ulangan Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI (6) SD / MI Terbaru.


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