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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris " Persahabatan Itu Indah "

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris " Persahabatan Itu Indah "

Morning in the school of the room there are 3 students were talking. The students had a gang was named “ tralalatrilili”. The members were 4 students, namely Tra, Lala, Tri, Lili. So, that’s why they named their gang “tralalatrilili”
Tra (cheers) : Morning buddy…!
Lala,Tri : Morning Traa…
Tra : By the way there is uncomplete here !
Lala : Yes…
Tri :  Yes of course..Because of Lili doesn’t come here !
Tra : Oh…yeah..So that is very silent. She is usually more talkative.
(*Suddenly Lili come with a daydreaming face without any smiling. She sits directly. )
Lala : It’s seldom you just come now ?
Tri : Yeah..were you late ?
Lili : Yeah… (while daydreaming)
Tra : What’s matter with you Li ? Unusually you like this. Usually in the morning you made us laughing.
Lala : That’s true…Are you sick ? you look very frazzled.
Tri : I don’t know..When I ask…her respond is too short.
Lili : No problem… I’m lazy to speak.
Tra : Yeah,never mind we are just afraid if you have a problem or you are sick but you don’t to tell anyone here.
Lili : Yeah..basically I just fine, you don’t worry about me.
(*entering bell is ringing, Mr.Darmo came to the classroom because of today there was a class for Mr. Darmo. He was a strange teacher in this school.)
Mr. Darmo : Morning students…!
Students answered : morning Sir…!
Mr. Darmo : All right, today we are going to continue the last topic that I have given to you. But before you have to collect your last assignment.
Students : Yes Sir…
Lili : Sir, my assignment book left at home.
Mr. Darmo : Left ? You don’t bring your assignment or didn’t make it ?
Lili : I didn’t bring it, really I don’t talk lie.
Mr. Darmo : don’t get mark such as your other friends !
Tri : ( whistle) Li you don’t bring your assignment ? Unusually you are like this !
Lili : Yeah…last night I forgot to do it. Last night I slept early. So I forgot to enter it in my bag.
Mr. Darmo : Okay..I will give you a sheet paper where the content is very important material to study.
(Mr.Darmo shared the sheets then student read and comprehend. Then he correct the collecting assignment)
( Suddenly the headmaster came to the classroom)
Headmaster : Excuse me Mr. Darmo. Give me a time for a moment.
Mr. Darmo : Please… That’s sure my time is over
Headmaster : Excuse me students… I disturb you for minute. Just while, I want to call the student was named Lili. Whose name Lili here ? Rise your hand !
Lili : (rise her hand) me Sir !
Headmaster : Join me to my room, there is something that I want to talk with you.
Lili : Yes Sir.
(Come to the headmaster’s room Lili look strange)
Lili : What’s matter Sir ? why I’m called to your room ?
Headmaster : That’s true that you don’t pay your school expense for 3 month ?
Lili : Yes Sir…  I don’t pay it yet for 3 month
Headmaster : Why you don’t pay it as long as for 3 month ?
Lili : No Sir. I don’t really take a money from my parent. Because my parent don’t have any money yet.
Headmaster : Yeah,,if so,I suggest you to pay it quickly. Because you will face national exam early.
Lili : Yes Sir… I will pay it as soon as possible
Headmaster : Yeah…back to your class
Lili : Thank you Sir.
(Finally Lili back to class.In the classroom Tra,Lala,Tri were talking joyfully)
Lala : Li, what is the headmaster talking to you ? Is there a problem ?
(Lili, finally talk lie to her friends because she didn’t want her friends knew about her problem)
Lili : No, there is nothing. Just talking about the farewell party.. I’m the cheap of commite.
Lala : Oooh… I think there is something
Tra : Friends.. after going home accompany me to bookstore. Because I want to buy the best novels and shopping too.
Lala+Tri : yeeaah….!!!
Tra : Li, why are you silent ? do you want to join us ?
Lili : Tra, likely I don’t want to join you. Because of my father is sick. So I must help my mother to keep my father.
Tra : Yeah… If so.
(break time is ringing)
Tra : It was break time… Let’s go to canteen ! I’m hungry !!
Lala+Tri : Come on… We are hungry too
Lili : Friends I don’t join you because I’m not hungry and I’m lazy to go to canteen. You go there !
Lala : Yeaah… If you don’t join us we go to canteen firstly
(Lili has to talk lie to her friends, actually she was not hungry, but she didn’t have money and suddenly in Lili’s mind to take Tra’s money impilistly. Actually it’s money would be used by Tra for buying novels and shopping after going home.)
Lili : I’m confused to pay school expense but I don’t have money. Because my mother doesn’t have money. It just for paying hospital expense. If I have to take Tra’s money that would be used to buy novels and shopping. Surely, the money will be enough. But she was my buddy.Forgive me Tra, there is not other way. Because I have to pay it quickly.
(Unconsciously there was a person saw her attitude that was Fauzia ,her classmate. Fauzia didn’t mean to peep in the door’s class.)
Tri : What are you doing Li ?
Lili : I’m reading a book
Lala : You are relax it’s only in the classroom ? Are you not boring ?
Lili : No, I have told you, if I’m lazy.
Tra : enough.. What for make it to be problem ?
(Tra unconsciously if her money was lose. After opening her bag and open her wallet, she was surprised if her money was lost.)
Tra : Friends… my money was lost !
Lala+Tri : Lose ?
Tri : You are forget probably…Look for it anymore
Tra : I don’t forget it, just now I put it here. Now, where it is ?
Lala : Is there someone steal your money Tra ?
Tra : it can be.. If there is no stealer it is impossible my money was lost.
Tri : Who is steal it ? How unpity she is !
Tra : Li, why are you silent ? help me please…my money was stolen !
Lili : It’s not me steal your money !
Tra : Who is say that you steal my money, I just ask to you !
Tri : I don’t mean to accuse you, but there is no one here except you as long as the breaking time
Lili : but it’s not me who took Tra’s money. It’s not really me. I’m your buddy and Tra.
Lala : (uncare) Although you my friend it can be possible. If so, let’s check your bag to prove it.
Lili : Pleasee.. don’t do it !
(Suddenly Fauzia talk with them)
Fauzia : hey, before it.. forgive me to interference your problem. I just want to tell you if the last time I saw Lili to open your bag Tra ! like to take something…
Tra : You don’t talk lie Fauzia ? Don’t you ?
Fauzia : Yes, I don’t talk lie. I see with my eyes if Lili take something from your bag. Forgive me Li, I don’t want to close your mistake. So, I speak what what is worth.
Lili : Fauzia… I don’t really know it, if you see what I have done.Tra… that was me took your money. Fauzia is right. But I force Tra ! I don’t mean to do it.
Tra : So you steal my money ? Oh My God, I don’t think so, why do you force ?
Lili : I forced because I didn’t pay my school expense yet for 3 month. My parent didn’t have money.
Tra : But, you must not like this Lili !
Lala : Yeah.. Lili…,, why are you dishonest to us ? if you honest to us, we must help you.
Tri : It’s really true ! So since the last morning you talk lie to us that you were lazy, truly you have a problem ?
Lili : Tra, Lala, Lili,, I’m regret if I have talked lie with you. I’m like this because I don’t want to bother you. I beg your pardon mainly to Tra.
Tra : I forgive you Li. Because I know you force to do it.
Lili : You are really my best friend Tra ! I’m regret to do it !
Lala : Whatever the friendship is always to be a friendship !
Tri : You are mistake, correct it ! However the mistake of friend we have to forgive her. Because everyone always make mistakes and not always true. !
Lili : Thank you my friends. You are really my best friends.Thank you accepted my apologize
Tra + Lala + Tri : IT MUST BE !!!
Tra : Li, it’s money take it for you. Because you need it more than me.
Lili : it’s true ? Thank you anymore I say to you.
Tra : Yes Li. You have to thank to Fauzia. Because he makes a honest for you.
Lili : Thank you for your honest fauzia !
Fauzia : Yes, You are welcome.
Tra : If so, So, it is nice. Our gang is not broken.. “Tra….”
Lala : “lala……….”
Tri : “Tri…….”
Lili :” lilliii….”
Tralalatrilili : “YEEEEEEEEEE…..!!!”


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