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Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Materi Expression of Love Bahasa Inggris

Adita    : Have you ever gone to Australia?
Andien  : Not yet. How about you?
Adita    : I have gone there twice
Andien  : What state have you visited?
Adita    : I went to New South Wales.
Andien  : Wow. So you must have visited Sidney. Its capital.
Adita    : You are right.
Andien  : How has the situation been in Sydney?
Adita    : It is a big and crowded city. But the people are so lovely. Their hospitality made me impressed.
Andien  : You must like the city much.
Adita    : Yes, I even love the city. When I have time and money. I’ll visit Sidney once again.
Andien  : Ask me then!.
Adita    : Of course.

Answer the Questions :

1. Who are they?
2. What are they talking about?
3. What city has Adita gone to?
4. How is his feeling about the city?
5. Can you show his expression to show his feeling?
6. Can you mention the other examples of expression of love?



  1. close friends
  2. Traveling to Australia
  3. Sydney
      4. he loves the city 
      5. Yes, I even love the city
      6. I must love it, I am crazy of ..  


Expression of love
I love you
I love you so much
I love you from the bottom of my hard
I must love it
I really love it
I am crazy about you
I am crazy of …
I love you too
So do I
Me too

I love it too

I feel the same with you

Fill the blank with suitable expression of love and its responses  :

1. Amin : Here is your picture when you were at  Sidney?
    Ari    : Yes, Isn’t this city great.
    Amin : Yes, what do you feel about the city?
   Ari     : ________________________. I’ll visit it another time.

2. Kelly : Here a present for you. Happy birthday Andy.
    Andy            : Oh, thank you. What is it?
    Kelly : Just open!
    Andy            : Wow. a gold watch. _____________________ .

3. Andi  : Can I be frank about what  I’m really feeling?
    Rika  : Yeah…
    Andi : __________________________________________
    Rika  : Really? Do you ?
    Andi : yes, I do.

4. Dina  : Bert, Why do you always send me this love letters, call me any time, come to my house? Why do
               you do that?
    Bert  : _______________________of you Dina. I can forget you. You are always in my mind.

5. Romeo          : Juliet, I love you from the bottom of my heart.
    Juliet                        : Oh, Romeo , __________________________________
    Romeo         : Really?
    Juliet                        : Yes


  1. I really love it
  2. I must love it
  3. I love you so much
  4. I am crazy
  5. I love you

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