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Contoh Soal Pendek Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda ( Multiple Choice ) Part 3

Contoh Soal Pendek Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda ( Multiple Choice ) Part 3 - Dalam ujian dan ulangansoal pilihan ganda ( multiple choice ) adalah soal yang paling sering keluar. Dalam menjawab soal pilihan ganda, terkadang memang keajaiban itu kadang terjadi. Ada yang jawab asal-asalan lalu jawabannya benar, ada yang menghitung jumlah kancing bajunya kemudian menjawab berdasarkan hasil hitungan jumlah kancing juga benar, ada yang membaca kalimat basmalah sambil memejamkan mata, ketika tangannya menyentuh huruf A maka ia menjawab A dan banyak lagi trik-trik aneh lainnya :D. Contoh Soal Pendek Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda ( Multiple Choice ) Part 3 yang akan saya berikan ini adalah soal-soal yang cocok untuk dijadikan latihan. Karena telah diatur sesuai dengan materi yang akan di-UN kan. Contoh Soal Pendek Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda ( Multiple Choice ) Part 3 ini juga sering digunakan dalam ulangan semester maupun ujian sekolah. Maka pada kesempatan ini saya ingin memberikan teman-teman beberapa Contoh Soal Pendek Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda ( Multiple Choice ) Part 3. Semoga dengan adanya Contoh Soal Pendek Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda ( Multiple Choice ) Part 3 ini bisa membantu teman-teman dalam belajar. Dengan memperbanyak latihan tentu akan semakin memperbanyak kosakata kita dan meningkatkan kemampuan kita dalam bahasa Inggris. Berikut adalah Contoh Soal Pendek Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda ( Multiple Choice ) Part 3 yang saya akan berikan :

That morning I got dressed as usual. I was just leaving for school when I noticed that my shoes were filthy. I went back inside to polish them. Staying home those five extra minutes probably saved my life.
When I came outside again, my mother was on the lawn picking flowers. Somebody yelled, “Tsunami!” We thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Then, I looked up and saw a huge wall of dirty water. My mother pushed me inside and slammed the door, just as the wave struck our house. It felt like we’d been hit by a train.
The wave picked up the house, and we floated away. Seawater came up to my knees. I decided to changed clothes, in case we had to swim. When I opened the closet, the back wall was gone! All I could see past my hanging clothes were waves and dead fish. It looked liked a strange painting.
Through the windows we could see people floating by, holding onto whatever they could. A boy was clinging to a piece of lumber. The waves carried us far out into Hilo Bay and back again three times.
Finally, our house slammed into a factory wall. Somehow, my parents and I climbed into the factory, where we found some neighbors on the upper floor.  We all got busy tearing burlap sugar bags into floated by,  we threw them to the rope.
Our family was fortunate. And I’m not nervous about tsunamis anymore. But when I got married, I told my husband, “We’re not leaving at the beach. We are going to live in the mountains!”

4.       When did the tsunamis happen?
a.       In March                                                               c.    One morning                                e.   Some years ago
b.       In April                                                                 d.    Long time ago

5.       Where did the writer finally shelter from the tsunamis?
a.       In a factory wall                                                  c.   In a factory                                     e.   In her house
b.       At the beach                                                         d.   In the mountain

6.       “Our family was fortunate” (Paragraph 6)      
        The underlined word can be replaced by ……
a.       lucky                                                                      c.   famous                                            e.   prosperous
b.       miserable                                                              d.   lack of            
Text  6 for questions 19 to 21

Late in the afternoon, the boys put up their tent in the middle of a field. As soon as this was done, they cooked a meal over an open fire. They were all hungry and the food smelt good. After a wonderful meal, they told stories and sang songs by the camp fire. But sometime later it began to rain. The boys felt tired so they put out the fire and crept into their tent. Their sleeping-bags were warm and comfortable, so they all slept soundly. In the middle of the night, two boys woke up and began shouting. The tent was full of water! They all leapt out of their sleeping-bags and hurried outside. It was raining heavily and they found that a stream had formed in the field. The stream wound its way across the field and then flowed right under their tent.

7.       The purpose of the text is …..
a.       to describe about camping in the field                           d.    to tell what happened to the boys
b.       to explain why the night was wet                    e.    to present a point of view about camping
c.       to persuade readers to believe event

8.       Where did the stream flow? It flowed …..
a.       in the middle of the field                   c.   near the boys’ tent                        e.  in front of the boys’ tent
b.       across the field                                                     d.   under the boys’ tent                    

9.       They told stories and songs after …..
a.       they had a meal                                                   c.   they slept soundly                        e.   it began to rain
b.       the stream was across the field                         d.   the tent was full of water

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