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Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs Terbaru Part 3

Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs Terbaru Part 3 - Ulangan semester sebentar lagi, mari persiapkan dii sebaik-baiknya dan semaksimal mungkin. Pada kesempatan ini saya akan membantu teman-teman yang masih kesulitan dalam menjawab soal ulangan Bahasa Inggris kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs.
Saya akan memberikan Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs Terbaru Part 3 ini kepada teman-teman supaya telah terbiasa memahami model soal Bahasa Inggris yang sering keluar dalam ulangan semester. Berikut Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs Terbaru Part 3 :

Anita :      Hi, Julia . Good afternoon                                 Julia    :  Hi, Anita, Good Afternoon
       Anita :     What are you doing ?                                         Julia    :  Well, I ‘m planting an orchid now.
              (1)…….to get the flower pot there, please?
       Anita :  Yes. Of course. Then Anita takes the flower pot
        and  gives it to Julia.    Here you are.                   Julia    :  Thank you, Anita.
       Anita :   You’re welcome. These flowers are beautiful.
                     Are they all yours?                                               Julia    : Yes, My mother bought them for me.
       Anita :   Oh. I see. By the way, (2)………………
        to water the flowers ?                                           Julia    :  No thanks. You don’t have to

1     A.  Can you help me                                                        B. Can  I  help  you
       C.  Let me help you                                                           D. Would you like me
2.    A.  Could you help me?                                                    B.  Please, help me !
       C.  May I help you?                                                          D. Would you like me

3.   From the dialogue above we know  that Julia is planting …..
             A. flowers                   B. Orchid                     C. jasmine                                D. flower pot

4.   Do all of the flowers belong to Julia ?
            A. Yes they do.                        B. No, they don’t.        C.  Yes. She does.                    D. No, She doesn’t.

5.   Guide   :  It would be nice  if we had lunch here. The scenery is very beautiful.
      Tourist :   …….Let’s have our lunch here. now.
A.     I’m sure                B. I am sorry                C. That’s a good idea               D. I doubt.

6.   From the conversation above we know that they had meal….
             A. in the morning        B. in the afternoon       C. in the evening                      D. at night

7.   Teacher  :  The children should obey their parent.
      Students : ….       
A.     We agree                B.  We  disagree           C. We like                                D. We  dislike
8.    The captain    :   Our team have won the footsal competition.
       Headmaster   :   …… on your success.
A.     That‘s a bad news              B. of course                 C. congratulation                     D. Good luck

The following text is for 9 and 10
It‘s a birthday party for Rahimy
Come and share the joy
There’ll be ice cream and cakes for every girl and boy
Sunday,  February 23rd.  at  08.00 a.m.
At Rahimy house
Luthfia Housing  2nd.Floor  Mtp. (4720 235276)
9.    What is the purpose of the text above?
            A. To invite people to attend Rahimy s party.              B.  To tell about the food in Rahimy’s party
            C. To inform about Rahimy’s Birthday                                    D.  To make people enjoy the birthday party

10.  When will the birthday party be held?
            A. on Sun.Feb.23rd.  at 08.00 in the morning               B.  on Sun.  Feb. 23rd.   08.00.   at night
            C. on Sunday afternoon , 23 rd. of February.                          D.  on Sunday, Feb.23rd.  in the evening

The following Notices are for questions 11 and 12
No Chemicals in this Unit

11. What does the text mean?
       A. We are allowed to mix food and chemicals here.                     B. We have to add chemical materials on food
       B. We may only put food in the unit.                               B. We can put chemicals in the store room.
Be Quite Please

12. We usually find this notice in these following places,   except…..
      A. at school                       B. in the class room front of the headmaster office     D. in the mall

The following text is for questions 13 and 14
   Dear Putri,
              Don’t forget to pick up your little brother  at the  English course  at  05.00  p.m.
              Mommy is still in the office now. I’ll be home soon.
                                                                                                                        Thanks .                                     
13. What is  Putri’s mother’s purpose to write the message above ?
            A.  Ask Putri to be home soon.                                                B. Tell Putri that she is in the English course.
            C.  Inform Putri to  pick up her mom                           D. Remind Putri to pick up her brother.
14. What is Putri’s mother doing now?
            A. Picking up Putri’s brother.                                       B. Waiting for Putri at home.
            C. Working at the office.                                             D. Joining the English Course.

Read this post card for questions  15 to 17
Hi Ahmad,
      I’m in Montreal for a conference. It’s a beautiful city.  Lot of people speak French here. So I’m glad I took      French in college.   Great food!   And the shops are good.  Clothes are quite cheap. I bought a nice winter coat yesterday.  I want to Quetbec City for the weekend. It’s not far from here.  
                                                                                                                                                Take care

15.   From the text above, we know that Ali is a………
            A. lecturer                    B. student in a university         C. tourist                      D. trader

16.   The word “Conference” (line 2) above  has similar meaning with the following words, except….
            A. meeting                   B. congress                              C. summit                    D. study

17.  “….for the weekend” ( l.4 ) The underlined word means…
            A. Saturday-Sunday     B. Sunday-Monday                  C. Monday-Thursday   D. Friday night

        Read this text and answer the questions 18-22
                        Yesterday,  my parents,  sister,  brother  and   I went to The Surabaya Zoo.   We went there  for recreation. We left at 07.00 a.m. an arrived there at 09.00 a.m.  It’s about 100 km. to go to the zoo from my inn.
                        There were a lot of people watching a giant snake. The snake was there for about a week. It was 9 meters long. I thought it was the biggest snake I have ever seen. After going around we watch various animals such as elephant, giraffe, comodo, camel and so on;  then we went home.  On the way home we stopped at the Borobudur temple for half an hour.

18.  What type of the text above is it?
            A. Descriptive text       B. Recount text                                    C. Report text.             D. Narrative text

19.  Which is the most suitable title for the text above?
            A. Going to the zoo.                                                     B. Going to Borobodur Temple.
             C. Watching a Giant Snake.                                        D. Having a recreation

20.  How many persons did the writer go the zoo with?
            A. Three persons.                     B. Four persons                       C. Five persons                        D. Six persons

21.  “After going around we watch various animals….” (p.2).            The italic word has the meaning as…
            A. same                                    B. similar                     C. different                  D. wild

22.  What is the biggest animal in the world?  It is a…..
       A. giraffe                          B. elephant                              C. camel                      D. Piton snake  

The following text is for questions 23 to 28
            There are three main parts of a tree. They are crown, trunk and root. The crown is at the top of the tree. It  consists of leaves, branches, and twigs. The crown filters dust and other particles from the air. The leaves are the factories of a tree. They contain chlorophyll. It helps the photosynthesis and gives green color to the leaves.
                        The trunk, or steam, of a tree supports the crown and gives the tree its shape and strength. The trunk consists of some layers. The layers carry water and minerals up from the root to the leaves, and they carry sugar down from the leaves to the branches, trunk and roots.
            A tree’s roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil, store sugar and hold the tree up right in the ground. Roots also have a lot of branches. Some roots can go down more than four meters.                           
23.  What is the text about?
            A. crown of  a tree       B. roots of a tree                      C. parts of a tree          D. trunk of a tree

24.  What part of a tree that contains chlorophyll?
            A. branch                     B. stem                                                C. leaves                      D. layers

25.  What is the function of roots?
            A. to support the crown                                    B.  to absorb water and nutrient from the soil
                        C. to give the tree it shape and strength            D.  to carry water and minerals up from the root to the leaves 

26.   “….It helps the photosynthesis and gives green color to the leaves”  P.1. L.3 The word “it” refers to …..
            A. chlorophyll              B. leave                                   C. crown                      D. branch

 27.  “….and hold the tree up right in the ground  the synonym of the underlined word is …..
            A. soil                          B. field                                                C. water                       D. garden
28.  What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
            A. The parts of a tree   B. function of roots                 C. function  of trunk    D. function of leaves
The following text is for questions 29 and 30.
Students who aren’t wearing a complete school uniform
Please see me after the class;
                                                                                                                Mrs. Atika Asih
29.  Who is the announcement for?
            A. Headmistress           B. Mrs. Atika Asih                   C. the students             D. teachers

30.   Based on the text above, If a student meets headmistress he will get …..
            A. prize                                    B. some money                                    C. some books             D. punishment

31.  An animal that can only live in the water is… It can breathe in the water using a gill and has a fin to swim.
            A. fish                          B. frog                                     C. turtle                        D. duck

32.  The sport news is interesting program on TV  but  Overa Van Java  (OVJ) is   ……   program of all.
            A. as interesting as       B. more interesting than                       C. the most interesting    D. the interestingest

This following text is for questions 33 and34
  Last holiday, my classmates and I…..(33) to Takisung for  a picnic . We left at  08.00  o’clock  a.m. by bus  and arrived there at about 10.00  a.m.  In the …….(35) we saw  and enjoyed the beautiful view surrounding and played in the sand. In the afternoon we went home and we all were very glad &happy.
33.       A. go                            B. goes                                     C. went                                    D. going
34.       A. beach                      B. mountain                             C. valley                      D. cave

35.                   I usually get up early in the morning, but my younger brother seldom …  up  early.  We often do Dawn Prayer or Sholat Shubuh  together in the mosque near our house.
            A. get                           B. gets                                      C. got                           D. getting        

ESSAY  :         Read this following text to answer the questions ( 1-4) below !
                        After the movie was over,  I left the cinema quickly.  My watch showed  11.30 p.m.  as  I got on  to  my bicycle. I pedaled hard on my cycle and was soon spending home. My thought went back to the movie that I had just seen.  It was a scary story.  I  could  remember  clearly  a woman screaming  as  she was being attacked by a monster.  Somehow that  frightful  scene  stayed in my mind  and  I couldn’t forget  it.
            The road was dark and quiet. I had to pass a graveyard on the way home. As I approached the graveyard, I heard some sounds behind me. I was frightened and began to cycle faster. The sound came nearer and nearer. Then I heard a familiar voice calling me. I looked back and saw Hadi. my classmate. He had also seen the movie and was frightened too. He had cycled after me so that he would not be alone. Both of us laughed out loud over our behavior.

1.      When did the writer watch the movie?
2.      What kind of the movie did the writer and his classmate watch?
3.      Translate the first paragraph of the text above   into Indonesian!
4.      Write down the synonym of these words!
a.       Cinema =                           c. soon       =                            e.  begin    =
b.      See/saw=                            d. the road =                            f.  voice    =                                        
5.      Arrange these jumbled words and write to make a good correct short  message !
                    Please  -  in - the canteen   -  at the first  -  a secret.  -  you  - break  -  I ‘ll -  tell  -  meet - me

Semoga Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs Terbaru Part 3 bisa membantu teman-teman dalam mendongkrak nilai bahasa Inggrisnya. Teruslah belajar dan belajar, demi mendapat nilai yang memuaskan kelak. Amin. Terima kasih telah membaca Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII (8) SMP/MTs Terbaru Part 3

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